Men’s Mental Health: Struggling with Anxiety, PTSD, and Depression in Silence

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Finding quality mental healthcare in the United States can be a nightmare. Therapy is often expensive, and many therapists do not accept health insurance or have long waiting lists for new patients. And for active men, there are also cultural barriers to accessing mental healthcare.

The ideal American man that we see in the movies and professional sports–or even fitness magazines–is strong both physically and mentally, never showing weakness. Societal expectations around masculinity discourage men from seeking help, and the shortage of male mental health professionals further compounds the issue.

These barriers to accessing care have created a huge gender gap in mental health treatment. Though about ten percent of American men have clinically significant depression or anxiety symptoms less than half are receiving treatment, and women are almost twice as likely as men to be receiving mental healthcare.

Admitting you need help is difficult. But so is finding care. The process of finding a compatible therapist within the constraints of insurance coverage can be daunting, leading many men to delay or neglect mental healthcare. Addressing these barriers is crucial to ensuring that men can readily get the support they need.

Thankfully, Mindful Care is pioneering a new mental healthcare model that is breaking down barriers to accessing care. Founded by Dr. Tamir Aldad, a trained addiction psychiatrist, Mindful Care is revolutionizing the mental healthcare space via the urgent care model, bringing fast and effective care to everyone.

The average person must wait six weeks to see a psychiatrist, but Mindful Care is able to offer same day appointments to new patients–just like the primary urgent care clinics we all know.

Mindful Care’s multi-state network of clinics all provide same-day, in-network services, including medication management, therapy, and substance use counseling. A firm believer in accessible and affordable care, Dr. Aldad has ensured that Mindful Care’s services are in-network with major insurance carriers and they provide reasonable private-pay options.

The easily accessible services at Mindful Care are a great option for men who find it hard to ask for help. You can reach out to the Mindful Care team and receive care that same day, no drawn-out and demoralizing search for a therapist is required.

Mindful Care also offers a wide array of therapy services and styles. Sometimes traditional, hour-long talk therapy sessions are a poor fit for men who struggle to open up and talk about their feelings. Mindful Care offers MicroTherapy sessions that are twenty minutes long, providing quick but effective support. MicroTherapy offers targeted care and coping strategies that focus on immediate relief, a great fit for patients who are new to therapy or have busy schedules.

For too long, men’s mental healthcare has been neglected, but mental and physical health are inexorably linked. In a world that’s slowly acknowledging the importance of mental health, Mindful Care is helping to make quality care a reality. The psychiatric urgent care model is bringing mental healthcare to the people, helping build a world where timely mental healthcare is accessible to everyone.

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