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BajajCapital, one of India’s leading wealth management organizations offering need-based financial solutions to its clients, recently launched URJA, a holistic mind-body experience, in collaboration with UF Academy and Studios. URJA aims to revolutionize education by tapping into the latent potential of teachers and students through dynamic meditation practices. Driven by the transformational energy force, it combines ancient wisdom with modern methodologies to promote holistic development and growth in schools and communities.

The essence of URJA lies in its dedication to fostering happiness and vitality within the education community. Delve into an unparalleled rejuvenation, an experience that unfolds during the session. This exceptional programme opens up a realm of wellbeing for mind and body, leaving educators and students invigorated. Since its inception in March 2023, the URJA movement has grown rapidly, reaching out to countless schools and teachers in just a few months.

URJA, a ground-breaking initiative by UF Academy and Studios, extends beyond traditional programmes and ushers in a new era, shaping the future by enabling students to reach their full potential. With qualified coaches and creative methodologies, it integrates easily into schools nationwide, providing the groundwork for holistic and revolutionary teaching at the grassroots level. URJA for instructors began on August 12, 2023, and offers UFT L1 certification. Currently, 55 teachers are certified, paving the way for a more dynamic and effective learning environment. This unique programme opens up a world of wellness for the mind and body, revitalizing students.

Ravish Dhamija, Founder & Chairman of UF Academy & Studios, commented on the initiative:

Teachers face significant challenges, enduring long hours and navigating emotional stress. URJA by UF transcends traditional programmes- a movement empowering educators and students. URJA cultivates a calm and holistic energy experience using ancient wisdom with contemporary approaches. Validated by the UF Index, our impact is measured, fostering a culture of holistic wellness. Collaborating with Bajaj Capital, we’re elevating the quality of life in our communities, fostering abundance, and shaping a brighter tomorrow.

URJA’s impact expands beyond the classroom. The UF Index, a science-based assessment of energy and wellbeing, has emerged as a tool for improving community conversation and cultivating a culture of holistic wellness. It is more than a programme; it is a movement that enhances lives, promotes prosperity, and paves the path for a better future.

Rajiv Bajaj, Chairman & MD of BajajCapital, stated:

Bajaj Capital has always been driven by the purpose of Total wellbeing. URJA, in collaboration with UF Academy, is an extension of that commitment. It goes beyond conventional initiatives, pioneering a new era in transformative education. With certified coaches and innovative techniques, URJA seamlessly integrates into schools nationwide, laying the foundation for holistic learning at the grassroots level.

Established in 2014, UF Academy & Studios is at the forefront of rejuvenating communities through holistic wellness programmes led by a precise evaluation of the UF Index. World-class certified coaches combine old knowledge with current neuropsychology, instilling calm energy in specific fields such as law enforcement, education, and aviation. The programs are integrated into schools and police academies, equipping teams for agility and long-term impact.


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