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As per an advisory issued by the police, diversions will be largely for those commuters intending to use the Elevated Road that connects traffic between Sector 71 on one side and the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway on the other

Workers in Noida might need to confront minor bothers on Sunday as some street redirections have been put across the city because of a proposed cyclothon from 5 am to 10 am today.

According to a warning gave by the police, redirections will be generally for those suburbanites proposing to utilize the Raised Street that interfaces traffic between Area 71 on one side and the Noida-More noteworthy Noida Turnpike on the other.

The cyclothon is set to begin from the DLF Stopping in Area 18 and go through Nursery Tiraha, Atta Underpass, and Cambridge School Tiraha. It will then go over the Raised passageway, and take a U-abandon Area 60, returning again over the Raised hallway. The riders will then, at that point, take the Atta underpass, and from that point they will take a U-abandon the Filmcity flyover to arrive at the DLF stopping.

Whenever expected, there will be some traffic redirections during the occasion, the warning said. “In the event of any burden, the traffic helpline number 9971009001 can be reached. Kindly utilize elective courses to stay away from burden,” the traffic police prompted.

Traffic Redirections Set In Noida

▶As indicated by the warning, traffic coming from the heading of DND, Chilla red light towards the Film City flyover to go to Raised street should go off in an unexpected direction in front of the “Ganda Naala” and go towards the objective through Area 37 to Area 71.

▶On the Noida-More noteworthy Noida Freeway, the traffic coming from the More prominent Noida side through the raised course will actually want to arrive at the objective by means of the Mahamaya flyover, Area 37, Downtown area, Area 71.

▶The traffic from the Raised street by means of Cambridge School Tiraha will actually want to pivot from Cambridge Tiraha and go under the Raised Street towards the objective, as indicated by the warning.

▶The traffic coming from DPS Area 28 and going towards Area 18 will actually want to go towards the objective by means of Brahmaputra Market Area 29.

▶Traffic going towards Film City from inverse GIP Shopping center by means of Area 37 should go to their objective through Atta Market and afterward Rajnigandha Chowk.

(With PTI Sources of info)

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