Madhya Pradesh government eyes 10,000 acres of land near Ujjain for new green field airport

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The Madhya Pradesh government has identified 10,000 acres of land spanning between Ujjain and Dewas that would be acquired for the construction of a new greenfield international airport in the state. The ambitious project, anticipated to surpass the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, aims to replace and expand the existing Devi Ahilya Airport in Indore.

The proposed airport, located at the convergence of Dewas, Ujjain, and Indore districts, is slated to boast a minimum of five runways.

Principal Secretary of the Department of Industrial Policy of the Madhya Pradesh government Sanjay Kumar Shukla told India Today that Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has asked the officials to expedite the land acquisition and development project.

The official said that a feasibility study revealed that building a new international airport would be a more cost-effective solution than acquiring the extensive 2,314 acres required for the expansion of the existing facility.

“The proposal to develop the new greenfield airport was mooted after the Airports Authority of India asked for fresh acquisition of land for expansion of the Devi Ahilya Airport, and it was found that such an acquisition would cost more than building a new international airport. Chief Minister Mohan Yadav has asked to speed up the required process and, once built, the new airport would trigger an economic boom in the entire region,” Shukla said.

“A 360 industrial ring around two hours drive from the proposed greenfield airport would also be built that would provide a further boost to the economy of the region,” he said while adding that a pre-feasibility study for the greenfield airport has already been conducted by a multidisciplinary team of the Airports Authority of India.

Devi Ahilya Airport in Indore is a customs airport and has an area of around 750 acres. It has a single runway and caters for 394 domestic flights per week.

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Jan 10, 2024

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