Locals celebrate Raksha Bandhan with Army jawans in J&K’s Uri

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The reprehensible conduct of Spanish FA chief Luis Rubiales has ignited a firestorm of condemnation. Rubiales’ actions, tainted by toxic masculinity, have marred what should have been a celebratory moment for Spain’s Women’s World Cup, transforming it into a disheartening spectacle of impropriety. The resounding calls for his resignation, met with defiance and excuses, showcase his refusal to acknowledge his grave misjudgments. As FIFA enforces a suspension and Spanish authorities demand his departure, Rubiales’ tenacity only deepens the turmoil. Amidst this, it is essential to remember that the true casualty of this regrettable episode is Jenni Hermoso, who deserved an untarnished recognition of her accomplishments. Ultimately, Rubiales’ evasions only erode his credibility, leaving his legacy irreparably tarnished.

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