Cockfights in Godavari districts adorn the festivities of Sankranti

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As Sankranti approaches, many cities and towns in Andhra Pradesh are getting ready for big celebrations. The focus will be on the Godavari districts, which are known for organizing cockfights.

Cockfighting has been a traditional practice during the Sankranti festival in rural areas of the state for many years. Villagers engage in friendly competitions and bet on which rooster will win. Over time, cockfights have become more popular, attracting thousands of spectators and involving large sums of money in bets.

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Different types of chickens, including Melu, Nattu, and Kadaknath breeds, participate in these fights. These chickens are specially chosen and trained for cockfights, receiving special care and a nutritious diet to ensure their strength and stamina.

Preparations for cockfights begin around three months before the Sankranti festival. During this time, Melu breed chickens are selected and raised with great care. They are provided with a balanced diet that includes almonds and dry fruits to enhance their physical abilities.

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On the day of the fight, the chickens are taken to the fields early in the morning. They are allowed to swim and exercise, which helps develop their muscles and agility. Owners take great pride in their roosters and treat them like their own children, providing them with the best care.

Overall, cockfights are an important part of the Sankranti festival in Telugu states. They bring joy and excitement to the festivities and showcase the rich cultural traditions of the region.

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