Malayalam film Ayisha awarded at Oman International Film Festival

Last Updated: February 10, 2023, 18:49 IST

Manju Warrier’s Ayisha portrays the struggles of Nilambur Ayisha.

Manju Warrier’s Ayisha portrays the struggles of Nilambur Ayisha.

Manju Warrier’s Malayalam-Arabic drama received rave reviews from both audience and critics.

Manju Warrier’s Malayalam-Arabic drama Ayisha has charmed the audience and critics alike with its heartwarming premise. Now recent reports suggest that the film is basking in International glory. Reportedly, Ayisha, starring Manju Warrier in the titular role, has won an award at the Oman International Film Festival.

M Jayachandran won the award for the terrific background score of the film at the prestigious Oman International Film Festival. His Excellency Sayyed Ibrahim bin Said bin Ibrahim Al Busaidi, Governor of Musandam presented the award at the closing ceremony of the festival. Directed by Aamir Pallikkal, Ayisha is essentially a biopic of Nilambur Ayisha, the first Muslim woman in Kerala to be part of performing arts – films and plays.

Manju Warrier’s Ayisha portrays the struggles of Nilambur Ayisha. The veteran theatre artiste was even attacked on stage because she was a Muslim woman in a male-dominated field.

This Malayalam-Arabic bilingual film beautifully pays tribute to the legendary actor and theatre artiste.

Written by Ashif Kakkodi and produced by Zakariya Mohamed, Ayisha uses cinematic liberty to accentuate Manju Warrier’s character. The film tries to emphasise how Nilambur Ayisha thrives despite several challenges.

Nilambur Ayisha was married at 14. But she soon separated from her husband and lived her life as a single mother. Ayisha went on to star in many socially transformative political plays, backed by the Communist Party in Kerala. This was the time when men portrayed female characters on stage.

Nilambur Ayisha was then forced to leave for Saudi Arabia where she worked as a domestic help for many years, after which she returned to Kerala. In 1953, 18-year-old Nilambur Ayisha was shot while she was performing on stage. Though the bullet missed her, it is said that she was attacked because it was deemed unacceptable for a Muslim woman to pursue performing arts. This incident is referenced verbally in the Manju Warrier’s film.

Manju Warrier’s Ayisha was released in theatres across the globe on January 20 and did decent business at the box office.

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