IND vs AUS, 3rd Test: This 42-Year-Old Sweet Shop in Indore Has a ‘Shahi’ Request for Virat Kohli

Last Updated: February 26, 2023, 19:31 IST

Rahul Dravid enjoyed a meal at 56 Dukkan in Indore

Rahul Dravid enjoyed a meal at 56 Dukkan in Indore

A very old sweet shop in Indore, located in the famous “56 Dukan”, have a special recipe for former India captain

About 10-minute walk from the Holkar Cricket Stadium in Indore is the famous “56 Dukan” – a buzzing market which sells unique street delicacies, which are clearly not meant for the faint-hearted.

Everything has a “shahi” twist. Even a glass of “shikanji”, the quintessential summer drink in most of the country, is loaded with dry fruits, cream and can well be mistaken for a dessert.

The locals seem to be very possessive about this joint which was initially just 56 shops in one line selling different street food delicacies. “Sir 56 dukan ka raasta bata dijiye (what’s the way to 56 dukan),” I politely asked a bystander moment after exiting the Holkar Stadium.

“56 dukan?,” I didn’t quite understand his tone but he was clearly surprised to see someone ask the way for 56 dukan and certainly had the vibe of ‘you don’t ask the way for 56 dukan, everyone must know’. I could have easily googled it and navigated through the clean roads but what’s the fun without chit-chat with the locals?

Indore’s iconic 56 Dukkan Market

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Chit-chat was in plenty and many had descended to Indore’s favourite spot for a nice Sunday meal. Food was a priority for me too but some work errands had to fall in place before the meal could have happened. India coach Rahul Dravid had visited “56 dukan” this morning and mission to find the joint where he ate, and what he ate, was underway.

It didn’t take long as a couple of queries led me to a gigantic sweet shop – Madhuram Sweets. The warm owners spotted the BCCI card around my neck and were quick to inform, before even I asked, about Dravid’s visit this morning. Since that was taken care of, next up was what he ate.

“Yes Rahul Dravid came this morning and had badam caramel, shahi rasmalai and shahi shikanji (something which is their speciality), poha and jalebi. Even former India cricketer Ajay Jadeja is very fond of our food and he too has been here quite often. People like Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar and many other celebrities have come here,” says Pankaj, son of the owner.

Indian head coach Rahul Dravid ate at Indore’s 56 Dukkan today

Everyone in the city is aware about the upcoming Test between India and Australia and when you talk about the Indian cricket team, it’s difficult to not have a mention of Virat Kohli. But at a sweet shop?

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Virat Kohli, the old West Delhi boy, could have become a regular here, but the 2.0 is far from calories and even weighs his poha. The owners of this sweet shop, however, have requested Kohli to give them a visit as they already have a special recipe for the former India captain.

“We have a very healthy option, protein rich, for Virat Kohli. It’s the shahi rasmalai. It’s made from Gir Cow’s milk and sugarcane juice. Taste and health both. Jab bhi wo Indore mai time mile to meri request hai unse ki wo yaha aake zarur khaaye,” says Pankaj.

Well Kohli did easily burn more than 1000 calories in the field today and can well squeeze in a little serving of “shahi rasmalai” but the problem, just like Kohli’s hundreds, is that there is no stopping after the first bite.

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