Physio Flex Pro Reviews: Can It Alleviate Joint Pain?

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Our joints frequently take the brunt of our active lifestyles. As a result, we can end up with aching bones and joint problems that challenge every movement. There are a whole lot of natural joint supplements out there designed to bring relief. In the unregulated supplement market, however, many of them don’t live up to their promises.

A joint supplement that is getting quite a lot of traction is Physio Flex Pro, which claims to be a state-of-the-art joint health solution seeking to revolutionize how we treat joints. So, does Physio Flex Pro actually possess the secret to restoring joint vitality, or is it just another mediocre performer in the crowded market for joint health items?

In this Physio Flex Pro review, we go under the hood to get the real deal on this popular joint supplement.

Table Of Contents:

  • What Is Physio Flex Pro?
  • Physio Flex Pro Review: Pass Or Fail
  • 8 Physio Flex Pro Ingredients
  • Physio Flex Pro Claimed Benefits
  • Real Customer Reviews of Physio Flex Pro
  • Who Should Take Physio Flex Pro?
  • How To Take Physio Flex Pro
  • When To Take Physio Flex Pro
  • Physio Flex Pro Alternatives
physio flex pro side effects

Physio Flex Pro achieves pharmaceutical strength joint care by hacking natural compounds and complex extraction processes on specialist ingredients…

What Is Physio Flex Pro?

Physio Flex Pro is a natural joint health supplement with eight ingredients designed to relieve joint pain. It is manufactured by a supplement company called SRS Nutra, which claims to have worked with physiotherapists, orthopedic specialists, and physical therapists to create Physio Flex Pro. According to the official website, this product will help eliminate joint pain, repair and protect cartilage, lubricate stiff joints, and strengthen joints to protect them from injury.

A one-month supply of Physioflex Pro costs $58 and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Physio Flex Pro Review: Pass or Fail?

physio flex pro side effects

We’re pretty impressed with the ingredient profile for Physio Flex Pro. It contains some of the most recognized joint health ingredients except collagen and hyaluronic acid. All ingredients are certified to be A1-grade active, organic, and free of additives and fillers. While some ingredients – notably MSM and chondroitin sulfate – are seriously underdosed, there is still enough firepower here to make a difference.

The manufacturer of Physio Flex Pro, SRS Nutra, only manufactures and sells this product, which is quite a rarity in the health supplement industry. That suggests that they have a laser-like focus on producing the best joint supplement possible. They’re nearly there – if only they’d up the dosages on MSM and chondroitin and throw in some Omega-3 and hyaluronic acid. The product is competitively priced and comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.

Overall Verdict:PASS

  • +Research-backed ingredient profile
  • +Endorsed by Pro Athletes
  • +60-day money-back guarantee
  • MSM and chondroitin underdosed
  • Only available from the official website

8 Physio Flex Pro Ingredients

Here’s an overview of the joint supplement ingredients that make Physio Flex Pro work, with an analysis of their research support and dosage suitability:

1) Selenium – 200 mcg

Selenium is a trace mineral that may promote joint health. It is very high in antioxidants, helping offset oxidative stress’s free radical effects. There is also some evidence that selenium also has anti-inflammatory properties that may reduce joint inflammation. Some enzymes used to create collagen, which is needed to maintain bone strength, contain selenium. It appears that selenium may also act as an inhibitor of some enzymes that break down cartilage [1].

The 200 mcg dosage here is in line with clinical studies.

2) Glucosamine HCl – 500 mg

The cartilage that cushions our joints contains glucosamine, meaning it’s essential for preserving the composition and operation of joints.

Glucosamine has anti-inflammatory effects that may help manage joint pain and preserve general joint health. People with osteoarthritis frequently use glucosamine supplements, particularly glucosamine HCl, to alleviate joint pain and lessen the discomfort and stiffness associated with the condition.

In a 2003 article, glucosamine supplementation was shown to help alleviate knee pain [2]. Further, the HCI form of glucosamine found in Physio Flex Pro works with a higher purity (99%) than glucosamine sulfate.

The typical dosage for glucosamine HCl supplements is 500 mg, so Physio Flex is consistent with the amounts examined in clinical trials.

For more on the value of glucosamine, read our article: Does Glucosamine Really Help Joint Pain?

3) Bromelain – 300 mg

Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from pineapples that has been investigated for its possible anti-inflammatory effects and is well known for its proteolytic (protein-digesting) activities. In the context of joint health, inflammation frequently plays a role in pain and restricted movement. Bromelain may help to reduce pain and increase joint comfort by reducing inflammation [3].

Bromelain’s enzyme activity may promote the absorption of other nutrients, which could help joints by ensuring the body gets the nutrients it needs to support cartilage and connective tissue.

The 300 mg dosage used here is in line with research studies.

4) Ginger Extract – 250 mg

The rhizome of the ginger plant is used to make ginger extract. Ginger’s bioactive substances, including gingerol and other phytochemicals, have anti-inflammatory activities. Those looking to manage joint pain brought on by inflammation may find these qualities helpful. According to certain research, ginger may have analgesic (pain-relieving) properties that may reduce discomfort caused by joints [4].

Gingerol may aid in modulating immune response, decreasing inflammatory indicators that affect joint health.

Studies typically use a dosage range of 500-1000 mg daily, so the 250 mg provided here is on the low side.

5) Turmeric Extract – 200 mg

Turmeric is a bright yellow spice produced from the Curcuma longa plant. Curcumin, the turmeric root’s central element, is a sought-after component in joint supplements due to its potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.

According to some research, curcumin may help maintain the condition of the cartilage, the protective cushion between joints. A 2021 meta-study that analyzed eight previous studies concluded that curcumin may be as effective as non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs( in terms of helping relieve knee osteoarthritis pain [5].

Turmeric dosages for joint relief typically range from 500 to 1500 mg per day, so the 200 mg offered in Physio Flex Pro is well short of the mark.

6) Chondroitin Sulfate – 100 mg

Chondroitin sulfate is a naturally occurring substance in cartilage, the elastic tissue that supports and cushions our joints. It is essential for preserving cartilage’s structural integrity and guaranteeing joint flexibility. Chondroitin sulfate levels might decline over time due to normal wear and tear and diseases like osteoarthritis.

Chondroitin sulfate is thought to assist in keeping cartilage hydrated, which is crucial for its capacity to absorb shock. Chondroitin sulfate’s preservation of cartilage health might facilitate better joint function [6].

According to a 2018 meta-study that analyzed 26 previous clinical trials, chondroitin supplementation is likely not help improve joint pain [7].

Research supports a daily dosage of between 800-1000 mg daily, so, once again, the amount provided here does not stack up [8].

7) MSM – 100 mg

Methylsulfonylmethane, or MSM, is extracted from sulfur compounds found in both plants and animals. Sulfur, an important mineral necessary for many body processes, is present in MSM in its natural form. Sulfur is necessary for keeping healthy joints because it is a component of collagen, connective tissues, and joint structures.

It is thought that MSM’s anti-inflammatory effects may help relieve joint pain. The development of cartilage, the elastic tissue that cushions joints, requires sulfur, which MSM supplies. According to some research, MSM may have antioxidant qualities that can help fight the oxidative stress that is a factor in joint problems [9].

The effective dosage is 2-3 grams daily, which is much higher than the 100 mg you get in Physio Flex Pro.

8) Bioperine – 10 mg

Bioperine is a patented form of black powder extract that is added to supplements to enhance the bioavailability of the other ingredients. Its active compound is piperine, which inhibits enzymes that break down food in the bloodstream before it can be absorbed.

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Physio Flex Pro Claimed Benefits

The official Physio Flex Pro website claims that the product will provide you with the following benefits:

1) Helps Relieve Joint Pain

Joint discomfort can significantly impact our daily lives, limiting mobility and lowering quality of life overall. Physio Flex Pro ingredients have anti-inflammatory and analgesic qualities that work in unison to lessen discomfort and raise your general level of comfort.

2) Supports Joint Health

The ingredients in Physio Flex Pro are intended to strengthen the delicate bone, joint and cartilage repair, ligament, and tendon systems that make up your joints. It may long-term joint mobility, flexibility, and general well-being by supporting joint health.

3) Synovial Fluid Support

Synovial fluid supports your joints by lubricating them and cushioning movement. Your joints can move more easily and comfortably because of the supplement’s improved synovial fluid health, which lowers friction that can cause pain relief elsewhere.

4) Cartilage Protection

Your joints’ flexible cartilage, which cushions them, is essential for both joint comfort and function. Physio Flex Pro claims to be able to maintain the health of the cartilage, support joint health, and maintain its integrity and capacity to absorb shocks during movement.

Side Effects of Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro’s side effects are minimal because this natural supplement contains safe ingredients. However, some people may experience the following minor and usually temporary side effects:

  • Nausea, diarrhea, or constipation – usually a reaction to glucosamine.
  • Allergic reactions – note that glucosamine comes from shellfish, so people with a shellfish allergy may have problems.

Real Customer Reviews of Physio Flex Pro

We could not find any verified user reviews for Physio Flex Pro on Reddit, Trust Pilot, or any other independent review sites. The product is unavailable on Amazon, so that’s not a review source. That leaves the official Physio Flex website containing a testimonials page. Here are a couple of sample testimonials, keeping in mind that we cannot verify their authenticity:

physio flex pro amazon


physioflex pro reviews


Who Should Take Physio Flex Pro?

The following populations may benefit from taking Physio Flex Pro:

  • People who experience joint discomfort: If you struggle with joint pain, stiffness, or decreased mobility, Physio Flex Pro may be able to support and relieve you.

  • Adults over the age of 50: Joint health might deteriorate over time. Physio Flex Pro may be considered as a preventive strategy or to treat age-related joint problems.

  • Athletes and active people: Individuals who partake in severe exercise or sports may be susceptible to joint tension and wear. The maintenance of healthy joints may benefit from Physio Flex Pro.

  • People with osteoarthritis: This affliction is marked by joint cartilage breakdown. Physio Flex Pro may help address its symptoms.

  • People with a poor diet and lifestyle: People with diets that lack essential nutrients for joint health may consider taking this supplement to make up for nutrient deficiency.

How To Take Physio Flex Pro

According to the instructions on the container, you should take two capsules of Physio Flex Pro per day.

When To Take Physio Flex Pro

There is no indication on the website or the container as to what time of day to take this supplement. Nor does it advise whether it should be taken with or without food. Most people tend to take their two capsules with breakfast, as food helps with digestion.

Physio Flex Pro Alternatives

Physio Flex Pro is just one of many joint health supplements flooding the market. We’ve spent a lot of time investigating that market to sort out the best from the rest. Here’s an overview of our top two physio Flex Pro Alternatives:

1) FlexAgain

The first thing we noticed about FlexAgain was that it contained a lot more ingredients than most other joint supplements on the market. Then, when we drilled down, we were pleased to see that the ingredient list covered most of our joint supplement wish list, with the exception of hyaluronic acid.

Here’s what you get:

  • Omega-3 (1100mg)

  • Curcumin Extract (500mg)

  • Methylsulfonylmethane (50mg)

  • Eurovita Extract 77, ginger (250mg)

  • Glucosamine HCl (400mg)

  • Chondroitin (250mg)

  • Bromelain (100mg)

  • Boswellic acid (100mg)

  • Resveratrol (100mg)

  • Vitamin D (15mcg)

  • Vitamin K2 (70mcg)

Though the dosages differ, you’ll notice quite a few of the same ingredients as in Physio Flex Pro. You get two and a half times as much curcumin and chondroitin, which is great to see. A notable addition is omega-3 fatty acids, which are dosed at 1100 mg.

Omega-3 fatty acids contain two key active ingredients – EPA (eicosapentaenoic acid) and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), both of which have powerful antioxidant properties. Omega-3s may help lubricate the joints by encouraging the creation of synovial fluid, the body’s lubricant. This improved lubrication may help keep joints flexible and easy to move. Omega-3 fatty acids help keep joint cartilage in good shape and structural integrity.

FlexAgain is a relatively new joint supplement product, so, understandably, there aren’t very many reviews online. Those that do exist are overwhelmingly positive, as evidenced by this TrustPilot review:

“Being a keen walker and suffering with pain in my Knees. I decided to try FlexAgain after seeing positive reviews in the US and the UK. After six weeks of use, I am now back to walking 40 miles a week in the mountains. I would totally recommend it to anyone who suffers from joint pain.” (source)

FlexAgain is a bit more expensive than the average joint relief supplement, costing $69.47 for a one-month supply, which comes to $2.32 per serving. The difference is that this product contains more ingredients that have been proven to work, most notably omega-3 fatty acids. You can only buy FlexAgain from the official website; a 90-day money-back guarantee supports your purchase.

  • +11 research-backed ingredients
  • +1100 mg of mega-3 fatty acids
  • +90-day money-back guarantee
flexagain physio flex pro

FlexAgain is the most comprehensive joint health supplement on our list, with a whopping 11 fully dosed ingredients designed to support joint mobility, flexibility and overall health it’s a fantastic choice…

2) Performance Lab Flex

Performance Lab Flex is a dedicated joint health supplement from Performance Lab, one of the most recognized players in the health supplement market.

The company is known for its product transparency and rigorous testing. All of its products are manufactured in GMP-certified factories and are guaranteed to be free of synthetic ingredients and additives.

Performance Lab Flex is designed to reduce joint pain, lubricate joints, and strengthen bones, ligaments, tendons, and cartilage. Here’s what you get in every two capsules serving:

  • Turmeric – 250 mg
  • Boswellia serrate – 100 mg
  • Glucosamine sulfate – 500 mg
  • Phytodroiton – 100 mg
  • MSM – 100 mg

The type of turmeric used here is CurcuWIN®, which is claimed to deliver a more effective delivery system and greater potency. Boswellia serrata is a resin extract with powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help ease joint stiffness and pain. Again, Performance Lab has used a unique blend called AprèsFlex®, which is supposed to make the extract more effective.

The 500 mg of glucosamine sulfate is sourced from corn rather than shellfish, which is the case with Physio Flex Pro. People with a shellfish allergy may find this a more suitable option.

Phytodroiton is a plant-derived compound that works similarly to chondroitin, helping repair cartilage and boost the shock-absorbing ability of joints. The final ingredient is MSM, which is dosed at the same relatively low level as you find in Physio Flex Pro.

Performance Lab Flex comes in the form of nutracaps, which are smaller than standard capsules. These 00-sized capsules are 100% plant-based, made from fermented tapioca. A one-month supply will cost you $49.00. That breaks down to $1.63 per daily two-capsule serving, which is pretty competitive in the current market.

  • +Research supported ingredients
  • +00-sized nutracaps
  • +Competitively priced
physio flex pro vs relief factor

Performance Lab® Flex ultramodern joint nutrients are curated and combined for active joint demands. Flex soothes and protects achy joints with…

Summary of Physio Flex Pro

Physio Flex Pro has been on the market since 2020. Over that time, it has won praise for its ability to relieve joint pain, with several international-level athletes endorsing it.

It’s got a pretty impressive ingredient profile, with clinically attested dosages of selenium, glucosamine, and bromelain. However, we were disappointed with the low MSM and chondroitin sulfate dosages. Also, it’s missing a couple of proven joint relief ingredients like Omega-3 fatty acids and hyaluronic acid. So, while there is definitely room for improvement, we give our tacit support to Physio Flex Pro.

If you want a more complete joint health ingredient profile, especially one including omega-3 fatty acids, we recommend Flex Again. For vegans, the best option is Performance Labs Flex, which uses corn-derived glucosamine and a plant-based capsule.

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Physio Flex Pro achieves pharmaceutical strength joint care by hacking natural compounds and complex extraction processes on specialist ingredients…

For other related supplements, read the 7 Best Joint Supplements To Alleviate Joint Pain.


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