Java Burn Reviews: Does It Actually Help Burn Fat?

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Imagine being able to lose weight simply by drinking your morning coffee. That’s the promise made by Java Burn, a powder that you sprinkle onto your Cuppa Joe to, supposedly, rev up your metabolism and fast-track your weight loss journey. Sound too good to be true?

In this Java Burn review, we’ll delve into Java Burn’s details, ingredients, scientific basis, potential benefits, and possible drawbacks. We’ll separate the hype from the reality to determine if JavaBurn is legit as a breakthrough in weight loss or just another fad in the ever-expanding world of dietary supplements.

So, grab your mug of coffee and sit back as we lift the lid on Java Burn.

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What Is Java Burn?

Java Burn is a powder designed to be added to coffee. It comes in single-serve pouches, with each box containing 30 single servings. That’s enough for a one-month supply. There are eight natural Java Burn ingredients, including vitamins, minerals, and two key caffeine-containing compounds – green tea leaf and green coffee bean.

Java Burn is the creation of a kinesiologist named John Barban. He has created a company called Java Consume to promote the product, which is sold on the official website. According to that website, Java Burn works by boosting metabolism and helping to bring about a state of thermogenesis to increase calorie burn and help the user achieve the daily negative calorie balance needed for weight loss. The site states that the best results come from taking the product for at least 180 days.

Java Burn Review: Pass or Fail?

java burn complaints

You’ll quickly notice when you go to the official Java Burn website that there are images of coffee beans everywhere. However, the formula does not contain any ready to drink coffee; you need to add the sachet to your coffee.

When you get down to an analysis of the ingredients in Java Burn, you end up with a product that, at best, will help to promote minimal weight loss when combined with exercise. Yet the doses used, even for that effect, are way too low. Combine that with the fact that many of the ingredients are ineffective when taken by people who are not deficient in them.

Java Burn is missing some critical fat-loss supplement ingredients, including 5-HTP and fiber glucomannan, which expands in the stomach to suppress the appetite.

Mixing Java Burn into your coffee will not make the coffee any more effective at boosting metabolism, generating energy, or losing weight. What it will do, according to a large number of reviewers, is ruin the flavor of your favorite morning pick-me-up. That is likely due to the inclusion of Vitamin B6, which has a nasty, bitter taste. Our advice is to save yourself some money and drink your coffee Java Burn free.

Overall Verdict:FAIL

  • +It may provide a slight energy boost when combined with exercise
  • +60-day money-back guarantee
  • +Gluten-free
  • It may negatively affect the taste of your coffee
  • Some ingredients underdosed
  • Relatively expensive

Java Burn Ingredients

The success of any fat or weight loss supplement comes down to its ingredients and dosage. So, how does Java Burn stack up? Let’s dig into the compounds that go into the Java Burn formula:

1) Vitamin D – 20mcg

reviews on java burn

Vitamin D is a fat-soluble vitamin needed to absorb calcium and maintain bone health effectively. However, there is limited research to support its use as a weight loss ingredient [1].

One way it might do so is by promoting more energy expenditure. Some research also shows that a lack of vitamin D increases a person’s appetite. So, taking it in supplement form may help to prevent overeating if you are deficient. However, people who already have healthy levels of this vitamin will probably not receive any weight loss benefit from taking more.

Vitamin D can also help to lower inflammation in the body. Inflammation has been linked with obesity, so this is another indirect way vitamin D may help with weight control. Finally, vitamin D plays a vital role in muscle contractions. This may help a person to add muscle mass, and the more muscle you have in your body, the higher your metabolism will be.

The 20 mcg dosage of vitamin D in Java Burn is equivalent to 800 IU (International Units), which is a little low. Most fat and weight loss supplements will typically provide at least 1000 IU.

For other options with better vitamin D dosages, check out our 13 Best Vitamin D Supplements.

2) Vitamin B6 – 1mg

java burn powder reviews

Vitamin B6 is a water-soluble vitamin that cannot be stored in the body in large amounts. It plays an important role in the metabolism of amino acids and glycogen breakdown. In order to convert stored body fat into energy rely, our enzymes rely on B6. This vitamin also helps to maintain stable blood sugar levels.

It is essential to understand that even though a vitamin, mineral, or other naturally produced compound plays a role in metabolism and energy production, it doesn’t mean that more of it will speed up those processes. It is generally only when you’re deficient that you need to supplement to bring levels back to a healthy range.

Several neurotransmitters, including serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine, need Vitamin B6 to be produced and to work properly. These chemicals help control appetite, which is important to prevent weight gain.

The RDA for Vitamin B 6 is 1.3-2.9 mg daily, so a 1 mg supplement dosage is appropriate.

3) Vitamin B12 – 5mcg

java burn amazon reviews

Vitamin B12 is another water-soluble vitamin involved in energy metabolism, along with red blood cell creation and brain cell function. It is needed to convert food into energy, so ensuring that you’re getting sufficient amounts of it will improve the metabolism of macronutrients.

Vitamin B12 helps produce myelin, which covers nerve fibers and is vital for muscle contraction. Red blood cells also depend on an adequate supply of B12. Energy production relies on the oxygen-carrying capacity of red blood cells, and muscle contraction relies on healthy myelin. Therefore, vitamin b12 is critical to activity.

There is no definitive evidence that supplementing with Vitamin B12 will improve metabolism in people who are not deficient.

The five mcg dosage of B12 in Java Burn is way too low. You’d need ten or more times the amount given here to bring up a deficiency effectively.

4) Chromium – 20 mcg

java burn real reviews

The trace mineral chromium is thought to improve the effectiveness of insulin, which controls blood glucose levels and directly affects metabolism. When you have healthy levels of chromium, insulin is better able to transport sugar from your bloodstream into cells to be converted into energy.

Once again, there is very little evidence that supplementing with chromium will help accelerate weight loss in people without a deficiency. In one study, chromium supplementation led to an increase in weight loss of just one pound after several months. Furthermore, these minor improvements only appear to affect people with diabetes or Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

The dosage of chromium in Java Burn is too low to have any real effect. So, even if you have diabetes or suffer from PCOS, it’s still not going to do you much good.

5) Green Tea Leaf Extract – 300 mg

java burn supplement reviews

Green tea leaf extract comes from the leaves of the camellia sinensis plant and is popular for its possible health advantages, including its impact on metabolism and the fat burning process. Its active ingredients are called catechins; the most important is epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

Green tea extract has a modest thermogenic effect, which means it may raise the body’s calorie expenditure and speed up metabolism. Over time, this impact might help with fat loss. According to some research, green tea extract can speed up fat oxidation, suggesting that the body may burn fat and use fat reserves for energy more effectively [2]. Green tea extract may also affect hormones that control hunger and fullness, which could result in lower calorie consumption.

In a study involving men who regularly exercised, one group was given green tea extract as a pre-workout while the control was given a placebo [3]. The green tea group burned 17% more calories during the workout, suggesting that the extract can boost intra-exercise calorie burn.

Green tea includes caffeine but in a much lower amount than coffee.

Green tea extract is also believed to positively impact insulin sensitivity, helping stabilize blood sugar levels. The effectiveness of a 300 mg dosage depends on the concentration of EGCG, which is not stated on the Java Burn ingredient label. If it contained 50% EGCG, you’d get 150 mg of the key active compound, which is a good amount.

Unfortunately, we’re left to guess how much you actually receive. We know that Java Burn does not purify these extracts, so you are likely getting a relatively small amount of EGCG.

For more on this ingredient, read Is Green Tea Good For Weight Loss?

6) Green Coffee Bean Extract – 200 mg

reviews for java burn

Green coffee bean extract is made from unroasted coffee beans. Its key active ingredient is chlorogenic acid, which is involved in metabolism and blood glucose control. It’s thought that chlorogenic acid can stop carbohydrate absorption, effectively reducing your caloric intake. It may also enhance the breakdown of stored body fat and its conversion to energy.

There is evidence that chlorogenic acid may positively affect ghrelin and leptin, the hormones controlling hunger and fullness [4]. In this way, it may help to control appetite.

As with green tea extract, the effectiveness of the dosage depends on the amount of active ingredient that it contains. If there is 50% chlorogenic acid in the 200 mg dose, then that would give you 200 mg of chlorogenic acid, which is a decent amount. Again, however, we are left up in the air on this crucial detail.

7) L-carnitine – 100 mg

java burn lawsuit

L-carnitine is an amino acid used by the body to transport fatty acids into the mitochondria of cells, where it is converted into energy. As it’s not an essential amino acid, the body can manufacture it on its own.

L-carnitine has been studied for its effect on weight loss. Although early animal studies were positive, more recent human trials have been mixed. While some studies have shown significant results, others have not. In one study, Type-2 diabetes patients who took 2 grams of l-carnitine daily for 360 days lost 11.3 kg more than the control group [5]. However, another study that used 2 grams for six months with overweight men showed no difference compared to a control group [5].

As we can see from the referenced studies, a dosage of 100 mg is very low (20 times lower than the studies referenced in the preceding paragraph!) if you want weight loss results.

8) L-Theanine – 100 mg

java burn walmart

L-theanine is another non-essential amino acid. It is naturally present in tea leaves, mainly green tea, and is well known for its calming and relaxing properties. In terms of weight loss, l-theanine acts indirectly to promote a relaxed mood and heighten focus. In these ways, it might promote better sleep and reduce anxiety. It can also help with focus during workouts.

The 100 mg dosage provided in Java Burn is too little to have an impact. You’d need at least 200 mg to be effective for weight loss.

Claimed Benefits Of Java Burn

The official Java Burn website makes some pretty impressive claims about the product. Let’s check them out:

1) Works Synergistically With Coffee

According to the website, Java Burn is ‘the world’s first and only 100% safe and natural proprietary, patent-pending formula, that when combined with coffee, can increase both the speed and efficiency of metabolism.’ So, according to the manufacturer, the powder’s effects are enhanced when added to a cup of coffee because they work synergistically with the caffeine and other compounds in the beverage.

The problem is that there is no evidence adding any of the ingredients in Java Burn to coffee will boost their metabolism-enhancing benefits.

2) Improves Energy Levels

The ability of compounds like green tea extract and green coffee bean extract to promote thermogenesis and support glucose metabolism will support improved metabolism and greater energy production. Chromium’s potential to improve insulin sensitivity also helps to prevent energy crashes, helping to produce a smooth, even flow of energy. Vitamin D and B vitamins also support energy levels.

3) Curbs Appetite

The Java Burn website claims the product will help reduce hunger and control appetite. This claim relies on the supposed ability of green tea leaf extract to help regulate the hormones that control hunger and fullness. Green coffee bean extract is also thought to help control leptin, the fullness hormone, and ghrelin, the hunger hormone.

4) Boosts Metabolism

The metabolism-boosting ability of Java Burn comes down to a few key compounds: the catechin ECGC in green tea leaf extract, the chlorogenic acid in green coffee bean extract, and vitamins B12 and B6, which help convert food into energy.

Java Burn Side Effects

Java Burn contains natural ingredients and is considered safe when taken at a dosage of one sachet per day.

The only potential problem is with the caffeine content, which is not stated on the label. In large amounts, caffeine can cause jittery side effects. There is some caffeine in green tea extract and green coffee beans, but the amount is probably very low. That’s why you are encouraged to add this product to your cup of coffee.

java burn customer reviews

How To Take Java Burn

Java Burn comes in individually dosed sachets. To take this supplement, simply pour the sachet contents into your morning cup of coffee, stir, and drink.

Java Burn Alternatives

Java Burn is a relatively unique product in that it is designed to be added to your beverage and enjoyed as an on-the-go fat burner. As we’ve already determined, however, it’s not going to do much of anything except, according to many reviewers, make your coffee almost undrinkable.

Our three alternatives are not created as additives to your hot beverage. Instead, they are fat-loss supplements that we’ve tested and found to be far more effective than Java Burn.

1) PhenQ

PhenQ is a very popular fat burner that provides a multifaceted strategy for managing weight by focusing on metabolism and hunger suppression components.

In fact, it works through no less than five fat-loss mechanisms:

  1. Reduces fat

  2. Stops the storage of more fat

  3. Increases energy

  4. Curbs appetite

  5. Raises mood

The name PhenQ comes from the fact that this product is designed as a substitute for the prescription-only medication phentermine. It is produced by Wolfson Berg, which manufactures a range of other gym-related supplements, including the extremely popular Crazy Bulk range.

PhenQ contains a combination of ingredients that have been shown to promote weight loss and energy boosts. The main ingredients are Calcium Carbonate, Chromium Picolinate, L-Carnitine Furmarate, and A-Lacys Reset.

Capsimax powder combines capsicum, piperine, caffeine, and niacin in a blend designed to boost metabolism and encourage fat oxidation. Although more frequently linked to bone health, calcium carbonate may also affect weight reduction and fat storage, according to some research.

Chromium picolinate has been shown to help control blood pressure and glucose levels. It may also positively affect the hormones ghrelin and leptin, helping to control the appetite. Chromium may also have a subtle effect on hunger and cravings.

L-carnitine is a derivative of an amino acid that may help with energy production and fatty acid metabolism. Alpha-lipoic acid and cysteine are combined in a supplement called A-Lacys Reset, which claims to boost cellular energy production and quicken metabolic processes.

The doses of PhenQ’s ingredients are generally in line with those used in research studies. However, a couple of them, like Capsimax Powder at 15.5 mg per serving, are low.

Overall, PhenQ represents an effective combination of ingredients and dosages for fat loss. It is recommended to take two PhenQ tablets daily and to combine your supplementation with exercise.

PhenQ can only be purchased from the official website. A one-month supply costs $69.99, with discounts on bulk purchases. A 60-day money-back guarantee supports your purchase.

  • +Research-backed ingredients
  • +Works through five fat loss mechanisms
  • +Money back guarantee
  • A couple of ingredients under-dosed
  • Only available from the official website
java burn safe phenq

PhenQ is a unique and powerful new slimming formula that will help you achieve what others are just promising. With PhenQ weight loss pills, you’ll never need to worry about your weight again…

2) Hunter Burn

Hunter Burn is a high-end fat burner pill that separates itself from the competition with its quality ingredients and effective dosages.

It contains the six following ingredients:

  1. Matcha green tea

  2. Cayenne pepper

  3. Konjac root extract

  4. White kidney bean extract

  5. L-theanine

  6. Vitamin D3

Known for its high catechin content, matcha green tea may promote fat oxidation and speed up metabolism. Cayenne pepper, which is high in capsaicin, may increase thermogenesis and calorie burning.

Konjac root extract is a fiber-rich ingredient in satiety and might help with appetite control. Its key ingredient is glucomannan, a fiber that expands in the stomach when it mixes with water. In this way, it helps fill you up so you are less hungry. You get 3000 mg of glucomannan in Hunter Burn, among the highest you’ll find in any fat-loss supplement.

White kidney bean extract can potentially prevent the absorption of carbohydrates, which may help control blood sugar levels and lower calorie intake. Known for its relaxing properties, L-Theanine may help Hunter Burn balance out any jitters that could result from other substances.

As we’ve already seen, Vitamin D3 is linked to several health advantages, such as improved metabolic efficiency. It may aid in weight loss and general well-being.

Hunter Burn includes clear dose information for all of its ingredients. The 450 mg serving of Matcha Green Tea has a significant amount of catechins, which can aid in the metabolism and oxidation of fat. Research on the thermogenic effects of cayenne pepper also supports the recommended dosage of 125 mg.

The 500 mg White Kidney Bean Extract dose may help with carbohydrate management. The 6,000 IU vitamin D3 intake aligns with the suggested daily requirements and could affect metabolic health.

Hunter Burn’s carefully chosen components and dosages demonstrate a comprehensive strategy for weight management. Its formulation seems to be well-researched, and dosages seem to be within levels that have been shown in trials to be effective.

The recommended dosage for Hunter Burn is two capsules, taken three times per day. That’s a total of six capsules daily, which may be a struggle for some people.

  • +3000 mg of glucomannan to suppress the appetite
  • +Research supported ingredients
  • +Transparent labeling
  • Requires taking six capsules per day
java burn coffee reviews hunter burn

Hunter Burn is a luxurious, high-end fat burner for those who will only settle for the best. Its formula has been engineered to give you larger amounts of key ingredients for an unparalleled…

3) Phen24

Phen24, a dual-action fat burner, promises to tackle weight management from both the day and the night viewpoints. It sets itself apart by providing two distinct formulations: one for daytime use and the other for midnight use.

Here’s what you’ll find in each formula:

Daytime Formula:

  • Caffeine

  • Iodine

  • Guarana Extract

  • Cayenne Powder

  • Phenylalanine

  • Manganese

  • Zinc Citrate

  • Copper Sulphate

Nighttime Formula:

Phen24 addresses daytime and nighttime metabolism separately. Its ingredient list includes a combination of well-known substances that may help with metabolism, hunger suppression, and energy expenditure. The use of nighttime-specific compounds indicates a methodical approach to 24-hour weight management.

Phen24 is generally well-dosed in line with the research on its ingredients. The daytime formula’s 150 mg of caffeine per serving might help improve alertness and energy levels, and the 800 mg dose of guarana extract might boost metabolism. At 50 mg, cayenne powder is compatible with thermogenic effects. The doses of iodine, zinc, and copper assist thyroid function and metabolism.

The evening formula gives you appropriate biotin and chromium picolinate dosages to support healthy metabolism. The 52 mg of choline bitartrate may promote fat metabolism while you sleep.

The recommended dosage for Phen24 is one capsule daily of the daytime formula and two of the nighttime formula. Plus, your purchase is supported by a 60-day money-back guarantee.

  • +Separate day and nighttime formulas
  • +Research supported ingredients
  • +Generally well-dosed
java burn reviews amazon phen24

The scientists at PHEN24 have created a new formula that specifically targets night time cravings — plus many more of the challenges that stop people from getting rid of their unwanted weight…

Java Burn FAQs

Let’s conclude our Java Burn review by considering the most commonly asked questions about the product:

Does Java Burn coffee have side effects?

In terms of potentially harmful physical effects on the body, Java Burn does not appear to have any side effects. All of its ingredients have been shown to be safe for human consumption. The dosages used on most ingredients are also extremely low, so they wouldn’t show up at these levels even if they did have potential side effects.

If spoiling the taste of your cup of coffee could be considered a side effect, then Java Burn has it. Many reviewers report that the taste is virtually undrinkable. That is primarily due to the inclusion of Vitamin B6, which has a very severe, bitter taste.

What is the benefit of Java Burn?

The primary claimed benefit of Java Burn is that it will work synergistically with the caffeine in our coffee to boost metabolism and increase the conversion of stored body fat to energy.

However, the ingredients in this product are generally low-dose and have not been shown to produce much of an effect when taken by people who are not deficient in them or who have diabetes or PCOS. There is also no evidence that combining Java Burn with coffee will make the ingredients in either more effective. In real terms, therefore, you will not get much benefit from taking Java Burn.

Is Java Burn good for losing weight?

Based on our extensive analysis of its ingredients and actual user feedback, we have concluded that Java Burn is not a good option for losing weight. Most of the ingredients are ineffective for people who are not deficient in them. The dosages of most of the ingredients are also too low to have any significant effect. A far better choice for weight loss is a product with clinical dosages of proven fat-burning ingredients like PhenQ.

Does Java Burn work?

No, we do not believe that Java Burn achieves its claimed benefits of working synergistically with coffee, curbing the appetite, and boosting the metabolism. According to the research, it may offer extra energy but only for workouts. So, if you are about to work out, having a coffee with added Java Burn might work as a pre-workout, as long as you can handle the taste!

Summary Of Reviews On Java Burn

Java Burn is one of those products that seems to rely on style more than substance to drive its popularity.

The official website prominently features coffee beans, yet the product has no coffee. It relies on ingredients that are proven to be effective (and even then only minimally) when you are deficient in them. And it makes some pretty big claims that are left unsubstantiated.

When you wade through all the marketing hype, you’re left with an overpriced sachet filled with low-dose ingredients of questionable benefit that, when added to coffee, will likely put you off your favorite morning beverage. Not a very appealing prospect, right?

Our advice is to play it safe by going with a proven thermogenic fat burner packed with research-backed ingredients that work and are dosed in line with research studies. That is what you get with PhenQ.


PhenQ is a unique and powerful new slimming formula that will help you achieve what others are just promising. With PhenQ weight loss pills, you’ll never need to worry about your weight again…

For even further information on our top thermogenic fat burner, check out our complete PhenQ Review.


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