Is Strapless Activewear a Thing Now? Saski Owner Tammy Hembrow Says Yes

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Australian YouTuber and online fitness coach, Tammy Hembrow’s ‘Saski’ Collection of gym wear, featuring strapless bodysuits, has been available since late 2022, but the internet can’t stop talking about it. Ultimate comfort or completely inappropriate? It seems that the fitness community is divided. With her new ‘Tropicana’ line being released into the world, we took a look at the reaction so far.

Recently taking to Instagram to show off her latest collection, Hembrow cuts a stunning figure in a range of revealing activewear, but perhaps the most attention-grabbing garment is the concept of a strapless bodysuit. While the attire looks great, and is no doubt perfect for the Australian sun, many gym goers were quick to criticize her couture.

Tammy Hembrow’s “Saski” Strapless Activewear Divides Opinion

Taking to the gymsnark channel on reddit, user ‘honchiebobo’ commented “How do all these women keep them up? I would be so worried during every lift that I am about to flash the gym.”

Fellow user, ‘QueenSparkleGlitter’ was even more unsure. “Horror story in 3 words: strapless gym gear” read the scathing comment.

“This has to be a joke,” asked ‘Clairegardner23.’ “Any normal person exercising doesn’t want to wear something short and tight or strapless. It’s so stupid.”

But of course, taste is individual. One look inside your local gym will probably present more than a few short and tight outfits. Supporting Hembrow’s designs keenly are her IG followers, and many can’t wait to spend their money on strapless.

“Brown, defo,” said ‘steveaucott1974, although it wasn’t clear if that was a sign of purchasing, or just admiration for the model herself. Still, her new range titled ‘Tropicana,’ featuring the controversial strapless brown bodysuit is likely to fly off the shelves.

“Just when you think @saski sets can’t get any cuter, you go and release the Tropicana collection!” exclaimed mayj1995. Well, you can’t blame a girl for trying!

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