Here’s the Real Reason Why John Cena Just Opened an OnlyFans Account

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Even those who wanted to see more of Cena will have been taken by surprise at the pro-wrestler-turned-movie-star’s latest showing. The former WWE champ has promised to take off his belt, and much more for the launch of his OnlyFans account, but this new exposure is not about making a few extra bucks on a side hustle. Hilariously, it’s all part of his promotion for the upcoming movie; Ricky Stanicky.

Cena’s OnlyFans account, featuring an image of the wrestling GOAT dressed up like Britney Spears in the header, is a clever publicity stunt designed to raise awareness of his upcoming movie; Ricky Stanicky, set to be released on Amazon Prime Video on March 7. “You’ve found the verified OnlyFans account for Ricky Stanicky,” reads the profile intro. “renowned impersonator, philanthropist, investment backer, socialite, cancer survivor and method actor. Subscribe to get SPICY pics and vids!”

John Cena wearing a white cowboy uniform for Prime's Stannicky
Ben King / Prime

John Cena is “Rock Hard” for his new movie role

The movie plot goes that Ricky Stanicky was dreamed up as an imaginary character, brought to life by three childhood friends (played by Zac Efron, Andrew Santino, and Jermain Fowler) to use as a handy alibi whenever they wanted to get out of a task, or escape for a boys only vacation. When their spouses detect they are being fooled, the lads are forced to find a real human being who will play the role of Stanicky to appease their partners’ suspicions. Enter John Cena, who plays Rod, a washed-up actor and risqué celebrity impersonator known also as “Rock Hard.” When Rod takes his new role of Ricky Stanicky way over the top, the boys wish they’d never invented the character in the first place.

The film’s writer, Peter Farrelly revealed in a press discussion attended by M&F that Cena was his first choice for Stanicky. “I saw him on Peacemaker, and I was about two minutes in Peacemaker and I said ‘that guy!’ I couldn’t believe how hilarious he was. I thought the way he committed to that character; it was a no-brainer. At that moment, I knew, it had to be him.” Cena’s OnlyFans account is free to subscribe, and provides the ultimate demonstration of his commitment to any project. Perhaps not suitable for work, his account boasts posts such as ‘playing with these blue balls’, ‘double action’, and ‘anyone want to hit this one more time?’ Don’t worry though, squeeky clean Cena hasn’t gone rogue. The image sets are spoofs, but you’ll have to subscirbe to see them for yourself. Ricky Stanicky is released on Amazon Prime Video on March 7.

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