9 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets In 2023 (These Actually Work)

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Saunas have been used for a long time thanks to all the health benefits they provide but not everyone has the money or space to purchase a full-blown sauna. That’s where the infrared sauna blanket can come into play.

Infrared sauna blankets offer amazing health benefits without costing an arm and a leg. Whether you want to stimulate blood flow, reduce chronic pain, relieve stress, alleviate joint and muscle pain or use for weight loss; an infrared blanket can do wonders for you.

Unlike traditional saunas, the blankets can be used just about anywhere if you have the space to lie down flat.

In this post, we cover the best-infrared sauna blankets on the market that you can use in the comfort of your home.

Our selection process for the best infrared sauna blanket involved thorough evaluation and comparison of various models based on factors such as heating efficiency, safety features, material quality, user reviews, and overall performance.

9 Best Infrared Sauna Blankets

  1. Overall Best Infrared Sauna Blanket: Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket
  2. Runner Up Best Infrared Sauna Blanket: Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket
  3. Best Budget Infrared Sauna Blanket: All Star Warrior Infrared Sauna Blanket
  4. Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket: SunHomes Sauna Infrared Sauna Blanket
  5. Best Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket: LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  6. Best 2 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket: VANELL Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  7. Best 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket: Nmeisi 3 Zone Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  8. Best Infrared Sauna Mat: Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat
  9. Best Infrared Sauna Dome: Meta Chamber Infrared Sauna Dome Far Infrared
best infrared sauna blankets

The Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket makes the top spot of the best infrared sauna blankets for good reason. This blanket has been tested and passed multiple international standards including Sunfire Testing for safe electronic emissions and radiation, SGS testing for screening of 197 toxic materials; just to name a few.

This blanket was designed with top-of-the-line EMF (electromagnetic field) blocking technology which results in next to zero EMF across the whole blanket making this a natural heat therapy extremely safe.

Layered in the Heat Healer sauna blanket are 96 smooth jade and tourmaline stones to assist in absorbing then dispersing the heat throughout the blanket. These stones also emit negative ions when heated up to help provide a relaxing experience.

Another great aspect of this blanket is the amide fabric they used which is naturally heat resistant while being very durable. You get a maximum temperature of 176 Fahrenheit of Far infrared heat that can target the deep muscle tissue.

At the end of the day, you can’t go wrong with this infrared sauna blanket; it comes with a 2-year warranty, a travel bag, waterproof head pillow and hand-held controller.

  • +Top quality construction
  • +Handheld temperature and time control
  • +Far infrared
  • +2-year warranty
  • +Almost 0 EMF
  • +Good for tall people up to 6’6″
  • Might be a tad expensive for some
best sauna blanket 2022

The Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket delivers the world’s best portable sauna experience with unrivaled luxury and a set of product features not found anywhere else…

what is the best infrared sauna blanket

Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket is a sleek option that gets the job done while providing a comfortable experience.

With the HigherDose infrared sauna blanket you get one heating zone that has 1-8 levels to choose from. The outer shell of this blanket is covered in PU leather that’s waterproof, fireproof and melt-proof.

Setting up the HigherDose blanket is a breeze with the updated industrial zipper that allows for easier exit. This model is the fourth version so they’ve made improvements along the way which landed them in our top spot.

This sauna blanket is constructed in layers that include amethyst crystal, natural charcoal, clay, and tourmaline stones. These elements are thought to have healing properties in the alternative medicine community plus they help to enhance the benefits of your infrared session. They also added medical-grade magnetic strips to aid in stimulating blood circulation.

HigherDose is a Far infrared sauna blanket. This FIR (Far Infrared) heat helps to deeply penetrate the body with heat to relieve sore muscles and improve blood circulation while providing a sense of calm throughout the body.

You have full control of the heat settings with the white handheld controller that allows you to set the temperature range from 68-150 degrees Fahrenheit. There’s a 1 hour timer setting for longer sessions. To get this infrared sauna blanket up and running simply plug in wait 10 minutes then slip into the blanket for your session.

Overall this infrared sauna blanket is a good buy for people looking to take advantage of the multiple benefits of an infrared sauna.

  • +Uses FIR to penetrate the body’s skin
  • +Good value for the money
  • +Leading technology that’s been improved upon over 4 versions
  • +Charcoal layer for detoxing
  • +Good for tall people up to 6’6″
  • Might not be suitable for taller users over 6 feet
  • Would be nice to see the exact temperature instead of heat level
best infrared blanket

The Infrared Sauna Blanket increases the body’s thermal energy, enhances relaxation and promotes glowing skin…

best fir infrared sauna blanket

Those looking for an infrared sauna blanket that won’t break the bank will find solace with the All-Star Warrior Sauna Blanket.

You get a quality blanket that’s made with an outer shell of PU leather while the inner shell is composed of waterproof PVC.

Infrared sauna blankets can cost well over $500 but with this option you’ll only be set back roughly $150.

The infrared sauna blanket comes with a controller that allows you to adjust the temperature from 95-165 degrees Fahrenheit while you can set the time of your sauna session from 15-60 minutes.

As an added bonus you get 5 mini loop bands with your order that you can use for workouts before hopping into your sauna blanket!

  • +Budget-friendly option
  • +Leading technology that’s been improved upon over 4 versions
  • +High temperature range
  • +Far infrared
  • Bulky control box
  • Limited warranty
  • Not meant for larger or taller users
best cheap infrared sauna blanket

Our portable saunas for home weight loss are very easy to use. You can easily adjust the temperature from 95-165°F through the controller and can set up the time from 15-60 min…

best infrared sauna blanket low emf

SunHome Saunas Infrared Sauna Blanket delivers an impressive temperature range that is sure to satisfy both beginners and advanced users. With a temperature range from 95-167℉ you’re able to go from an easy light session to an intense sweaty session and using their timer you can easily adjust how long you’d like it to last. Unlike many other sauna blankets that have set increments of 15 minutes, Sun Home Saunas allows you to set your desired time from 30 to 60 minutes.

The blanket is constructed of multiple layers including the outer PU leather layers that cover the outside to the infrared heating zones and the waterproof layers that your body fits inside. Plus the industrial grade velcro provides a snug fit that keeps the heat circulating around your body.

Sun Homes Sauna blanket is low EMF, user friendly and super easy to clean after usage. And for those with a lack of storage space will appreciate how simple it is to fold up into a small flat rectangle and store away after you’re done with sweating it out.

Sun Home Saunas offers a 1 year warranty which is nice to see just incase you run into any issues they will sort it out for you.

  • +Vast temperature range
  • +Quality build & 1 year warranty
  • +Easy to clean & store
  • Taller user may have issues fitting inside
  • Temps listed in Celsius on website
best infrared blanket sauna

Our Infrared Sauna Blanket is the easiest and safest way to get the benefits of an infrared sauna without leaving your home or breaking the bank…

best rated infrared sauna blanket

The LifePro Infrared Sauna Blanket is a lightweight portable option that you can take with your wherever you go.

This sauna blanket weighs 20 pounds making it easily transportable with the carrying bag that comes with your order.

The blanket itself is 71 inches long with a 65 inch circumference and is constructed from PU leather. You can comfortably get your sauna session in thanks to the cotton layer.

Like other sauna blankets, you get a hand-held control that allows you to set the temperature anywhere from 77 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. As for the timing options, you can use the remote control to set it at intervals from 5-60 minutes.

The Far infrared sauna blanket has carbon fiber heating elements that provide you with the benefits of infrared therapy. The inner shell of this blanket is covered by waterproof fabric that makes it easy to clean after use.

LifePro added some extra perks in with this as you receive a head towel, carrying bag and 5 thermal wraps to cover your entire body.

The light weight and carrying bag make this one of the best infrared sauna blankets for those on the go.

  • +Portable option for people on the go
  • +Comfortable soft cotton layer
  • +5 thermal wraps & towel
  • Only 71 inches long which may not be suitable for taller people
best infrared blanket on Amazon

Our home sauna blanket is lightweight, small folding, and comes with a carry bag & face towel, so you can enjoy detoxification therapy, anytime, anywhere…

infrared sauna blanke best

The VANELL Far Infrared Sauna Blanket sports some great features that make it a great choice.

Using this Far infrared sauna blanket to help promote blood circulation may speed up your metabolism leading to weight loss.

A nice touch with this sauna blanket is the upgraded security protection switch. What this means is that if there’s a circuit issue the switch will automatically disconnect within .01 seconds, giving you an added layer of safety.

The other security feature built-in is their abnormal protection system which monitors if the temperature continues to heat past the maximum 185 degrees Fahrenheit. The machine will automatically disconnect and stop heating while signaling a one-minute alarm.

Aside from all the previous features, we choose this one due to the two independent heating zones you can set from 86 to 176 degrees Fahrenheit. As for your sauna session you have the ability to set it from 15 to 60 minutes.

Another unique feature on the sauna blanket is the ability to unzip sections so that your arms can be outside in case you want to use your phone or need your hands free. This is a handy feature as most sauna blankets function like a sleeping bag where your entire body from neck/shoulders down is inside the shell.

Last but not least is the upgraded outer material made from Oxford cloth which has no odor and is waterproof while also being lighter. On the inside, you have a waterproof PVC material.

Whether you want to hit your upper body or your entire body directly this is one of the best sauna blankets available at a reasonable price.

  • +Enhanced safety features & two heating zones
  • +Good price
  • +Comes in two sizes
  • +Oxford cloth outside and waterproof PVC inside
  • Bad customer experience with returns
best low emf infrared blanket

Outside is the second generation environmental protection Oxford cloth material, no odor, waterproof lighter and softer. inside is waterproof PVC. The temperature is adjustable from 86℉ to 176℉, with 2 zone-temperature control…

the best infrared sauna blanket

The Nmeisi Sauna Blanket is a top-rated sauna blanket on Amazon thanks to its impressive specs.

This Far infrared sauna blanket boasts three independent heating zones that showcase a maximum temperature of 176 degrees Fahrenheit. Like the previous sauna blanket this one has a thermostat that automatically cuts off when reaching 185 degrees.

The inside of this blanket has a waterproof PVC material while the outside shell has a soft waterproof material. The Velcro straps make getting in and out of this blanket easy.

Unlike most of the other blankets on this list, you get a 90-minute maximum compared to the standard 60 minutes.

The heat therapy emits 9-16μm infrared rays to help to relieve body aches and serves as an awesome means of stress relief.

Anyone who wants to have the ability to set three heating zones might want to consider this blanket as an option.

We should also mention that this is on the low end of the price spectrum compared to other infrared sauna blankets.

  • +Three heating zones
  • +Automatic thermostat shut off for safety
  • +90 minute max time
  • +Good value
  • Some consumers complain about poor instruction manual
  • Bulky control box
best 3 zone infrared blanket

This Sauna blanket be able to release 9-16um of far-infrared radiation, thus generating resonances with the same frequency cells in the human body…

top infrared sauna blankets

This is the second time HigherDose made our list of best infrared blankets although this time it’s not exactly a blanket. Instead, the Higher Dose infrared PEMF matthat sports some of the same features that their blanket has with the charcoal layer to help with your detox plus the clay layer that emits negative ions and also evenly disperses the heat. Another common feature in the blanket is the use of 20 pounds of amethyst crystals and tourmaline stones.

Similar to the blanket they also used a grounding medical-grade magnetic strip to enhance blood circulation.

One difference with the HigherDose mat is the PEMF(Pulse ElectroMagneticField) layer that mimics Earthly vibrations which they claim helps the body with recovery, energy enhancement, stress relief, and the reduction of inflammation.

As you can see from both the HigherDose products on this list, they are heavy into natural healing which might be right up some people’s alley but miss the mark for others. However, going by the overwhelmingly positive reviews; they are doing something right.

The mat is more than double the cost of the blanket but if you have the extra cash to spend this is a worthy option to get the same benefits of infrared sauna without the feeling of being in a sleeping bag.

  • +Multiple natural energy elements
  • +PEMF layer for vibrations
  • +No need to be inside of a blanket
  • Expensive
  • Have to pay for extended warranties
best infrared mat

The Infrared PEMF Mat combines two powerful healing technologies to create the ultimate recovery tool. PEMF grounds you in earth’s magnetic field for a full-body reset…

best at home infrared sauna blanket

The last spot on our list is another product that uses Far infrared rays but isn’t exactly a blanket. The Meta Chamber Infrared Sauna Dome is a premium option that resembles standup far infrared saunas as you lie down inside of a metal dome so your body gets hit with light therapy from 360 degrees.

With the sauna dome, your whole body is immersed in the dome while your head remains outside of it so you can withstand longer sessions.

When it comes to the actual heating elements, this product uses 5 heating pads in the dome and 2 in the mat. Instead of just using carbon fiber they employed nano carbon that was combined with ceramic. This technological advantage puts out a high infrared directly to the body.

This dome has the highest heat range of up to 266 Fahrenheit which it reaches quickly to maximize your time. The pad is comprised of a high-quality sponge that makes it super comfortable. The heat literally surrounds your whole body including your feet and comes with three heating zones.

This is the ultimate home infrared sauna option that saves space and money compared with standup models. Those serious about saunas would be hard pressed not to give this a chance.

  • +360 degrees of far infrared radiation
  • +Lifetime warranty
  • +Space-saving design
  • +Extreme max temps
  • +Carbon & ceramic heating elements
best infrared sauna

wo separately controlled heat sources (each ranging from 110 to 150 deg F) surrounding the body with soothing, deep-penetrating, and healing FIR heat from all directions…

Top Rated Infrared Sauna Blankets Side By Side Comparison

Below you’ll find all of our top picks and their corresponding specs. Have a look to see which is the best model for your needs.

Product Name

Price ($-$$$)






Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket


75” (L)

69” (C)

2 years

Jade & Tourmaline stones


6-14 micron range

Amide fabric

154 Reviews


Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket


75” (L)

69” (C)

1 year

2 year ($169)

3 year ($219)

Amethyst & Tourmaline crystals

Clay & charcoal layer


2214 Reviews


All Star Warrior Infrared Sauna Blanket


70.86” (L)

32.28” (W)


Handheld remote

Double stitching

5 Mini bands

8 Reviews


SunHomes Sauna Infrared Sauna$$

71″ (L)

65″ (C)

1 year


Industrial grade Velcro

Self adjusting timer

224 Reviews


LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket


71” (L)

65” (C)


Hand-held remote

Cotton comfort layer

Carrying bag & 5 thermal wraps

1 Review


VANELL Far Infrared Sauna Blanket


70.5/ 74.8” (L)

60/64” (C)


2 heating zones

Arm holes

Hand-held remote

2 Sizes

508 Reviews


Nmeisi 3 Zone Far Infrared Sauna Blanket


69.3” (L)

31.5” (W)


3 heating zones

90 min max time

Safety switch

47 Reviews


Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat


73” (L)

29.5” (W)

1 year ($99)

2 year ($169)

3 year ($219)

PEMF layer for vibrations

Mat design

Amethyst & Tourmaline crystals

Clay & charcoal layer

245 Reviews


Meta Chamber Infrared Sauna Dome Far Infrared


68.9” (L)

27.9” (W)

18.1” (H)


360 degree far infrared

3 heating zones

Dome shaped

Max temp. 266 F

Carbon fiber& ceramic heating elements

15 Reviews


What to look for when buying an infrared sauna blanket?

There are a few factors you should look at when shopping for sauna blankets. Although all the blankets on our list use infrared heat, they aren’t all the same.

Let’s look at a few key aspects to keep in mind when shopping for a sauna blanket.

1. Size

Most of the infrared sauna blankets you’ll find on the market today have similar dimensions but some of the most popular models are around 71 inches long or roughly 5’9″ feet. That said if you’re a tall person you should be aware that the blanket might not go all the way up to your shoulders. In that case, some options are pliable enough so that you can bend your knees in order to fit more of your body inside.

It’s also worth mentioning that some sauna blankets offer multiple sizes in terms of length and circumference so if you’re on the larger side make sure to check and see the full dimensions before making a purchase.

2. Features

If you do a quick search online you’ll quickly realize that there are multiple white-labeled blankets that all feature the same specs. The key is to distinguish the products that offer something special compared to the others.

  • Far Infrared: Always look for a sauna blanket that uses Far infrared technology in order to reap the most benefits while reducing any negative side effects.
  • Low To No EMF:With a high-quality sauna blanket, you should aim for one that has extremely low EMF or none at all.
  • Great Temperature Range: Try to aim for a sauna with a temp range up to at 170 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Controller: Some blankets come with handheld controllers that are a bit easier to operate than a bigger control box, these are the more user friendly options.
  • Layers: Pay attention to the layering used in the construction of the blank. Besides the inner/outer shell you can also find one with different stones and heating elements that provide a superior experience.

3. Build Quality

Not all sauna blankets are made the same. Some blankets come with hand-held controllers while others have bulkier control boxes. We believe that you should look for options that use high-end materials and are built with layers that can provide an amazing experience.

Many sauna blankets on the market will come with short term warranties so if you come across products that have at least one year warranty it means that the manufacturer is confident about the quality they are providing.

4. Price

As with any purchase price is always a consideration but don’t worry because a sauna blanket won’t cost nearly as much as a traditional sauna. Most infrared sauna blankets come with a price tag from just over $100 to over $500. That said, a few hundred dollars should be more than worth all the health benefits you’ll get from using one.

5. Online Reviews

A good way to judge products before a purchase is to see what others are saying about their experience with it. Take 20 minutes to scan through reviews of verified buyers on different platforms such as Reddit, Amazon, and YouTube. That said, the best feedback you can hope for is from someone that you know who has first-hand experience with whatever product you’re looking at.

benefits of infrared blankets

Benefits of infrared sauna blankets:

Infrared sauna blankets burst onto the scene not too long ago and have been picking up steam in the past few years thanks to the awesome benefits they provide. Below we highlighted some of the benefits of infrared sauna blankets that you can take advantage of.

1. Muscle Pain Relief

Many people use an infrared sauna to help manage muscle pain. The far infrared waves can penetrate the subcutaneous layers to stimulate blood circulation which can aid in lessening muscle pain.

2. Enhance Muscle Recovery

Infrared saunas can aid in recovering from intense resistance training sessions. Using an infrared sauna blanket to help your muscles recover means you can get back to working out faster which in turn can lead to more potential muscle gain.

3. Improve Immune System

Bolster your immune system with the use of an infrared sauna blanket. The infrared light helps to increase white blood cells production which enables the immune system to purge impurities therefore improving blood flow, regenerating cells and improving relaxation.

4. Promotes Better Sleep

If you’ve ever used a traditional sauna you know that you tend to sleep better that night. It’s no different with an infrared sauna blanket. With traditional saunas, it’s the steam that raises the temperature whereas the blanket uses infrared technology. The heat therapy that the blanket provides can help regulate cortisol levels in your body leading to a more peaceful sleep.

5. Weight Loss

One reason why people are buying infrared sauna blankets these days is to assist with weight loss. The mechanism that helps you to lose weight is the increase of the core body temperature. One study from Binghamton University found that participants who used an infrared sauna three times a week for 30-minute sessions dropped an average of 4% body fat over a four-month time period. With that being said, sauna blankets aren’t meant to replace a healthy diet or exercise. Sauna blankets will help you sweat and in turn lose water weight but they shouldn’t be considered a long-term weight loss solution.

6. Improve Blood Flow

The dry heat from the infrared sauna blankets trigger your heart to beat faster so that your blood vessels widen resulting in improved circulation.

7. Easy to Transport

Sauna blankets are great due to their compact size. Instead of buying a full-on infrared sauna that takes up a lot of space and will set you back thousands of dollars. A blanket will is usually around $500 or less and can be folded up and packed away in carrying bag that can be stowed away when you aren’t using it.

mihigh infrared sauna blanket

Infrared Sauna Blanket FAQs:

Do Infrared Sauna Blankets Work?

Yes! Infrared sauna blankets absolutely work. People have been enjoying regular saunas for centuries due and now with modern technology, you can bask in the same benefits without needing to purchase a regular sauna that’s more expensive and takes up more space.

Are infrared sauna blankets worth it?

In our opinion, they’re definitely worth it! It’s hard to put a price on health and if it means a few hundred dollars out of your pocket to get all the benefits of infrared therapy; it’s a great deal. just think a day at the spa might set you back $50-$100 so within 5-10 sessions you would’ve gotten your money’s worth just by buying a sauna blanket.

How To Clean Sauna Blankets?

When you use an infrared sauna blanket you’ll quickly find out how much you’ll sweat especially if you turn up the heat to the higher levels. Due to the amount of sweating you’re bound to do it’s important to clean your blanket regularly.

After every use, you should wipe down the inside of your blanket with an anti-bacterial wipe. Try to shy away from any cleaning solutions that are laced with chemicals to ensure your next sauna session isn’t tainted by toxic substances. Some people may want to use a more natural homemade solution of vinegar and essential oils.

Once you wipe down the blanket leave it open until it dries before packing it away.

How To Use a Sauna Blanket?

Before you start your sauna session make sure you’ve prepared a few things to make it the most comfortable experience possible:

  1. Wear a thin layer of clothing including socks to create a barrier between you and the inner shell of the blanket.
  2. Prepare some water within reach so that you can stay hydrated throughout your session.
  3. Set the blanket temperature at a level that you can handle; beginners can start around 80 degrees Fahrenheit. You can always increase the temp if needed. Most blankets will take 10-15 minutes to get to the temperature you desire.
  4. Set the timer in 15 minute intervals until you’re ready to increase the length of your sessions.
  5. Once your session is completed switch off and unplug the blanket.
  6. Take a nice cool shower to wash off all the sweat while allowing your body’s core temp to go back to normal.
  7. Wipe down the inside of your blanket with a natural anti-bacterial solution.
  8. Let the blanket air dry with it spread out.
  9. Pack it away.

What’s the best temperature For a Sauna Blanket?

The best temperature range for your blanket is thought to be around 110-130 degrees Fahrenheit.

For beginners, you may have to work your way up to that range, and for the more experienced users might go even higher up to the 170-degree range. Take your time to get accustomed to using the blanket before heading for the higher temps.

You may notice that in the beginning, you don’t sweat much but as you use the blanket more frequently your body usually starts to react by sweating more. This isn’t a race and there’s no one size fits all method but in time you will figure out which temp and how much time is the most beneficial to your individual needs.

Are sauna blankets as good as a sauna?

A sauna blanket and a regular sauna are very different due to the heating mechanism. Unlike a normal sauna, the blanket provides dry heat from Far infrared that can penetrate deep into the muscle tissue which leads to numerous health benefits including a few that we mentioned previously.

Are Infrared Sauna Blankets Safe?

Yes, infrared sauna blankets are completely safe to use. The infrared rays penetrate the skin without burning you while raising the body temperature. With that in mind, you should always make sure your blanket is functioning properly before usage. Make sure to not stay in the blanket for too long where it might become dangerous and unhealthy.

Many blankets also come with safety features including automatic shut-offs in case the temperature gets too hot or there’s an electrical surge issue.

Last but not least if you have any underlying medical conditions it’s vital you speak with your healthcare provider before beginning your sauna journey.

What is the best infrared sauna blanket?

The best infrared sauna blanket is the Heat Healer sauna blanket. It’s hard to top all the specs that this blanket has to offer plus it comes with a two-year warranty whereas many infrared sauna blankets require you to purchase an extended warranty or come with a standard one-year warranty if that.

what is the best infrared sauna blanket


Now that we’ve covered the best infrared sauna blankets on the market you should be well equipped to make an informed buying decision. Many people who were skeptical of these blankets did a complete 180 after buying one.

If you’re someone who has constant muscle pain, poor sleep or wants to recover faster so you can get back to working out then an infrared sauna blanket may be the answer!

As a final recap, here are our top infrared sauna blanket picks this year:

  1. Overall Best Infrared Sauna Blanket:Heat Healer Infrared Sauna Blanket
  2. Runner Up Best Infrared Sauna Blanket:Higher Dose Infrared Sauna Blanket
  3. Best Budget Infrared Sauna Blanket:All Star Warrior Infrared Sauna Blanket
  4. Best Low EMF Infrared Sauna Blanket:SunHomes Sauna Infrared Sauna Blanket
  5. Best Portable Infrared Sauna Blanket:LifePro Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  6. Best 2 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket:VANELL Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  7. Best 3 Zone Infrared Sauna Blanket:Nmeisi 3 Zone Far Infrared Sauna Blanket
  8. Best Infrared Sauna Mat:Higher Dose Infrared PEMF Mat
  9. Best Infrared Sauna Dome:Meta Chamber Infrared Sauna Dome Far Infrared

bioremedy infrared sauna blanket

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