7 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines In 2023 (Expert Tested)

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Searching for the ultimate cardio machine can be a daunting task. Most people want something that can give them an excellent workout without having to invest too much time into it. That is where rowing machines come into play.

Providing intense workouts in a short amount of time is one of the many appeals of using a rowing machine. Performing a cardio workout that incorporates upper body conditioning into the mix means more fat torched and whole body conditioning.

A magnetic rower offers smooth, quiet resistance enabling you to hit your fitness targets and challenge yourself at the same time.Magnetic rowers can also be used in other workout routines just by standing up or changing hand positioning.

Below we’ve compiled a list of the seven best magnetic rowing machines for any budget to help get you rowing your way to better shape.

7 Best Magnetic Rowing Machines

  1. Overall Best Magnetic Rowing Machine: Horizon Oxford 3 Rower
  2. Best Budget Magnetic Rowing Machine: Bluefin BLADE Rowing Machine
  3. Best Premium Magnetic Rowing Machine: Aviron Tough Series Rower
  4. Best Magnetic Rowing Machine On Amazon: Merach Magnetic Rower Machine
  5. Best Budget Magnetic Rowing Machine On Amazon: Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine
  6. Best Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine: Spirit CRW800 Rower
  7. Best Magnetic Rowing Machine For Taller People: YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100
best magnetic rowing machines

The Horizon Oxford 3 Rower tops our list for the best overall machine.

The high-quality, lengthy aluminum rail will accommodate inseams up to 36″, matching if not exceeding the length of other rowing machines. With a weight capacity of 350 lb, this sturdy frame is built to provide a great workout for even heavier users.

The magnetic resistance and smooth as butter motion of the drive belt, provide a super quiet, fluid movement.

The two front transport wheels allow this magnetic rower to be moved around easily, and the upright storage position gives this piece of cardio equipment a small footprint while not in use.

Equipped with an ergonomically designed seat, this rowing machine is designed to keep you comfortable during your workout, however long they may be. Ideal seat height makes this magnetic rower easy to get on and off of, pre and post-workout. This coupled with the solid base design, gives a feeling of stability and balance, letting you focus on your workout.

Also keeping you in place during your workout are the top-of-the-line adjustable heel rests with quick-adjust straps for your feet. The foot pads have been spaced to have the most ideal, ergonomic positioning for added comfort.

The 5.4″ backlit blue LCD monitor can have its height and angle adjusted to provide a great viewing angle for people of any size. The LCD displays your individual profile as well as a host of workout information. Using the buttons, you can easily change one of the five on-board programs, which are:Manual, Distance, Race (Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced).

Keep track in real-time of your workout metrics with the data from eight different pieces of workout feedback such as Burned Calories, Heart Rate, Meters Traveled, SPM or Strokes Per Minute (also known as the stroke rate), Stroke Count, Time Elapsed, Time/500m, and Watts Generated.

Equipped with electronic ECB magnetic resistance, your resistance levels can be changed by automatic trainer control in some of the onboard workout programs.

People of all fitness levels will be able to find the perfect challenge for themselves with one of the 10 resistance levels provided. For under $1000 this is a solid rower that comes with a lifetime warranty on the frame and multiple year warranties on other parts.

  • +Small Storage Footprint
  • +Included Polar Wireless Heart Rate Receiver
  • +5 Onboard Workout Programs
  • No Bluetooth Connectivity
what is the best rowing machine air or magnetic

With the Oxford 3 rower, you’ll discover ergonomics that accommodate your unique shape and your natural movements for efficient low-impact exercise, plus sleek industrial design and whisper-quiet operation that won’t disrupt your home whether your rower is in motion or tilted up for compact storage…

best rowing machine magnetic

The Bluefin BLADE Rowing Machine is our pick for the best budget rowing machine on the market.

The 10° incline of the seat rail provides a little extra resistance just by using your own body weight while internal belt drive allows for smooth rowing strokes while keeping noise to a minimum.

There are six padded feet, protecting your floors and giving you a sturdy base to workout on. The built-in transport wheels make moving and storing this indoor rower easy. This piece of exercise equipment has a 220 lb max weight capacity.

This budget-friendly rowing machine has 8 magnetic resistance levels to match the user’s current fitness level, giving room for improvement. The ergonomic grip foam-covered handlebars ensure a comfortable and natural feeling hold without the worry of it slipping.

You get anti-slip foot pedals that are equipped with Velcro adjustable foot straps for any size foot. The padded seat cushion also provides comfort during your workouts, so you can focus on crushing your goals.

The LCD screen provides workout feedback on your time elapsed, burned calories, distanced rowed, and strokes per minute. The BLADE comes with a downloadable smartphone or tablet app to help you keep track of your metrics in real-time. The Kinomap App will log all of your workout feedback so you can keep an eye on your progress.

If you feel inclined, you can also share your data on social media to compete with like-minded friends and help push each other to new fitness boundaries.

You also have the option to watch something on your tablet or smartphone, as this magnetic rower has a built-in smart device shelf.

  • +Price
  • +Smart Phone App
  • +Easily Moveable/Storable
  • 220 lb Weight Capacity
  • Might Not Fit Taller Users
best magnetic rower reddit

Simulates natural rowing motion. Feel the abdominal exercise & health benefits of rowing on the water, without the splash. Optimum 10° incline offers added resistance without compromising the recovery phase…

best air magnetic rowing machine

This top-of-the-line magnetic rower, the Aviron Tough Series Rower is our top pick for the best premium rowing machine.

The lengthy seat rail can accommodate users up to 6’8″ and has a max weight capacity of 507 lb, so almost any shape and size of person will be able to benefit from working out on this magnetic rower.

The commercial-grade nylon belt keeps noise levels down to approximately 60dB, which is about the same as having a conversation with someone in the same room.

Most rowers utilize one type of resistance or another, but the Tough Series Rower is both a magnetic rower as well as an air rower. The added air resistance given by the air system is designed to replicate the feeling of actually rowing in water, while the magnetic resistance provides powerful, super smooth torque so you can build muscle while getting your cardio workout in.

Something that makes this magnetic rower special is the reinforced steel and aluminum frame for extra strength. This rowing machine has been tested with over 1 million cycles, so you can depend on it to last.

The Aviron Tough Series is designed to have a super low frame, making stepping over the seat rail to get into position easier to manage. The seat has been elevated in order to make sitting down and getting up from a seated position much easier, which is useful at the end of a grueling workout.

Setting this home rowing machine apart from other rowing machines are the adjustable foot pedals, to help you find the right position for you to hit that perfect rowing motion. Being able to increase or decrease the distance between your feet will change the positioning of your legs and hips as well as hitting different muscle groups more directly.

For interactivity on this combination magnetic and air rowing machine, there is a 22″ HD Touchscreen which you can adjust your 16 resistance levels as well as access all of your workouts. With a top resistance of 100 lb , it’s easy to see how this is one of the top cardio machines to help with strength training as well as cardiovascular health.

Hitting most of the major muscle groups, it doesn’t take long to burn calories once you start working out. Also onboard are built-in speakers as well as a front-facing camera that can get a picture of you crushing it past the finish line.

In order to get the most out of this indoor rowing machine, a membership through Aviron is recommended. Included in the membership are hundreds of interactive workouts.

There are eight main interactive ways of utilizing the service.

  • First is games, where your actions are controlled by your rowing strokes.
  • Second is using your screen to stream media from your favorite streaming services.
  • The third is coached programs by a certified personal trainer and rowing coach.
  • The fourth is called “power play”, which combines guided programs along with games to give an immersive racing experience.
  • The fifth is virtual tours in which you’ll be rowing around beautiful locations around the globe.
  • The sixth is competition mode, where you compete with other people in your community.
  • The seventh is guided programs by professional trainers and athletes; these are usually made of hybrid workouts of rowing and off-machine exercises.
  • The eighth and last way is the “Pros vs. Joes” mode, in which you can compete against professional athletes as well as Olympians.
  • +Magnetic and Air Resistance
  • +Can Be Used By Big And Tall Users
  • +22″ HD Touchscreen
  • +Hundreds of Workout Options
  • Large Space Footprint
  • Need a Membership To Get The Most Out Of It
  • Not Easily Storable
best magnetic and air rower

The gradual resistance delivered by the air system mimics the feeling of rowing through water, while the resistance delivered by the magnetic system provides exceptionally strong and smooth torque, allowing for both cardio and strength on one machine…

best magnetic rowing machine 2022

The Merach Magnetic Rower is our pick for the best rowing machine on Amazon.

This rower comes equipped with a rail fitting users up to 6’1″, but also has an extra long rail available for taller users (contact the company and they will take care of it for you). Instead of the traditional single rail design, this rowing machine utilizes 46.1″ double slide rails made from an aluminum alloy for a smooth, friction-free rowing stroke.

The rower comes with pivoting foot pedals so you can find the best angle for your ankle comfort. The comfortable ergonomic cushioned seat is made from thick, breathable material so you can focus on your workout and not worry about hip or glute discomfort.

This machine has 16 levels of magnetic resistance, which is comparable to other more expensive magnetic rowing machines. Changing resistance levels is simple with a single display knob located in the middle of the machine. On the same knob you can view the display screen, which can give you real-time metrics on your exercise time, distance traveled, calories burned, and stroke rate.

Making it easy to keep track of your data, this magnetic rower can link with the Kinomap App to automatically record all of your data, having it stored in one convenient place.

Like other magnetic rowers, this machine comes equipped with a smart device holder, except this one can fold flat against the machine to keep your line of sight clear while not in use.

Space is not an issue with the rowing machine dimensions of 1.6’x 5.7′ while in use and a mere 1.6’x2.1′ when being stored upright. Moving this light 52 lb machine is simple with its built-in transport wheels.

Don’t let the light product weight fool you, this rowing machine still has a max weight capacity of 350 lb!

Functioning at a whisper quiet 30dB, this piece of exercise equipment is a great way to get a workout in without disturbing anyone else in your space.

  • +Small Footprint
  • +Lightweight and Easy To Move
  • +Dual Aluminum Alloy Seat Rails
  • Default Rails Might Be Small For Tall Users
best magnetic rower amazon

Electromagnetic resistance system is the next level. The electric magnetic resistance system is quieter, less friction loss, smoother, and more accurate than the traditional physical friction one…

best cheap magnetic rower

The Sunny Health Fitness Magnetic Rowing Machine is our top pick for the best budget rowing machine on Amazon.

With an extremely long 48″ slide rail length, this magnetic rower can accommodate people with an inseam up to 44″. Made out of alloy steel, the frame has a recommended maximum user weight capacity of 250 lb.

Sunny Health has made a basic rower that will give you just as good of a workout as other magnetic rowers. This no-frills home rowing machine has a large LCD digital performance monitor console that displays your workout time, calories burned, current count, and total count, and the convenient scan mode displays your progress without having to manually switch the categories.

The Sunny Health Fitness SF RW5515 has eight levels of magnetic resistance that can be adjusted with a easy twist of a knob, giving you a challenge that would be found even on the best magnetic rowing machines.

With textured non-slip foot pedals and foot straps, you are locked into the machine so you can focus on giving your lower body muscles one heck of a workout. With the soft foam anti-slip handlebars, you will have a sure grip to get the most out of your pulls.

This machine can be used on any surface by utilizing the floor stabilizers, all you need to do is turn the dial until you find the level. The built-in transportation wheels make moving around this 61 pound machine easy for almost anyone, just a small lift on one end and tilt means you won’t even be picking up the full weight of the machine.

Once you are done with the machine, the seat rail conveniently folds up, saving you valuable floor space. Sunny Health Fitness has done a great job providing a lot of bang for your buck.

  • +Low Cost
  • +Foldable
  • +Long Seat Rail
  • Not As Many Resistance Levels As Other Machines
best cheap magnetic rower on amazon

Sunny Health has made a magnetic rowing machine that’s affordable for everyone. Built with a convenient folding design, this rower can be used in almost any setting…

6. Best Foldable Magnetic Rowing Machine: Spirit CRW800 Rower

best magnetic resistance rowing machine

The Spirit CRW800 tops our list for the best foldable rower on the market.

This rowing machine doubles as an air rower as well as a magnetic rower, so you get the best of both worlds. Built with high-strength powder-coated steel, this fitness equipment is something you might see in a commercial gym.

The contoured, padded seat sits atop a 54″ extra long slide rail that is made from high-quality aluminum. With a max weight capacity of 450 lb, this magnetic rower is built to handle even the largest of people on their fitness journey.

The frame sits at 20″, which is a convenient height for getting on and off the seat. The foot pads feature numbered settings, so you’ll be able to dial in your preferred setting if you are sharing this machine with anyone else.

During your workout, you can easily adjust your resistance by using the controls on the handlebars, rather than having to take your hand off to fiddle with settings on the machine or console. Choose from 16 adjustable magnetic resistance levels to take your aerobic exercise to the next stage.

The performance monitor is a large 5.5″ LCD screen making your workout metrics clearly seen. The display is attached by a moveable arm and the viewing angle can be adjusted as well. The onboard programs include Manual, Distance, Time, Calories, a 20/10 Interval, a 10/20 Interval, Custom Interval, Fat Burn, Cardio, Strength, and Game. That comes to eleven different programs on this low-cost high-value home rowing machine.

The easily seen display, allows you to keep an eye on your Strokes per minute, Time elapsed, Distance traveled, Current Heart Rate (with a telemetric chest strap which is sold separately), Burned Calories, Watts generated, and Current resistance level. In the center of the display, the screen changes between 500m time and a visual of your workout program.

Unlike other rowing machines, the Spirit CRW800 does not require a plug-in power source. All that is needed are two C batteries to power the digital monitor.

This indoor rower does take up a good amount of space while not folded, coming in at 94″ in length, but does fold up to only 53″ in length. There are transportation wheels affixed to the front of the frame for easy moving when needed.

  • +Does Not Need A Power Outlet
  • +Foldable Design
  • +Air and Magnetic Resistance System
  • +Can Accommodate Large Users
  • Large Floor Footprint
  • For The Price The Display Is Basic
best magnetic rower for small spaces

The CRW800 Rower combines a long list of high performance features with a reliable design. From the convenience of the 20” frame height and folding storage design to the combined air/magnetic resistance and remote handle controls…

7. Best Magnetic Rowing Machine For Taller People: YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100

best home magnetic rowing machine

The YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100 is our pick for one of the best magnetic rowers for larger people.

With a first-class sturdy commercial grade steel frame, this durable magnetic rower can handle someone up to 350 lb. Paired with a 49.2″ seat slide length, users up to 6’6″ in height can enjoy a full rowing stroke on this machine. The ergonomic cushioned seat keeps you comfortable during your most arduous workouts.

This home rowing machine relies on a silent magnetic resistance to keep your workouts smooth and quiet. So you can work out no matter what the time is and not have to worry about disturbing anyone around you.

The included 10 lb flywheel adds another layer of difficulty to the eight adjustable magnetic resistance levels. No matter what your experience level is, you are bound to find a setting to challenge you in your strength training.

Showing up to you almost completely assembled, you can go from out of the box to working out in as little as twenty minutes!

Being user-friendly is one of the main goals of this home rowing machine. The simple but effective LCD monitor can show your distance, the time elapsed, count, total count, calories burned, or a scan function that cycles through all of your metrics automatically. This no-nonsense machine has a built-in tablet stand in case you want to keep yourself entertained by streaming your favorite media.

The foldable design and large transport wheels make finding the perfect spot in your workout area easy.

  • +Heavy Duty Quality For A Light Price
  • +Small Space Footprint
  • +10 lb Flywheel For Added Resistance
  • Limited Levels of Resistances
best magnetic rower for big people

Premium heavy-duty commercial quality steel, granting the rowing machine a maximum weight capacity of 350 LBS, and features of being sturdy & durable. 49.2” slide length…

7 Best Magnetic Rowers Compared Side By Side

We created the simple chart below so you can see how our top picks for magnetic rowers match up next to each other.

Product Name

Price ($-$$$)

Size (dimensions)


Weight Capacity



Horizon Oxford 3 Rower


80.7” (L)

24.5” (W)

43“ (H)

Frame – Lifetime

Electronics – 2 years

Parts & Labor – 1 year

350 lb


Transport Wheels

5 Manual Programs

3 Reviews


Bluefin BLADE Rowing Machine





1 Year

220 lb

Smart Phone App

10° incline seat rail

6 Reviews


Aviron Tough Series Rower





Frame – 10 year

Parts – 1 year

507 lb

Magnetic and Air Resistance

Hundreds of Workouts On Demand

120 Reviews


Merach Magnetic Rower Machine





1 year

350 lb

Dual Aluminum Seat Rails

Lightweight and Easily Stored

36 Reviews


Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine





3 year manufacturer warranty

250 lb

Extra Long Seat Rail

Small Stored Footprint

16,521 Reviews


Spirit CRW800 Rower









Frame – Lifetime

Parts – 10 years

Labor – 2 Years

450 lb

Air and Magnetic Resistance

Extra Long Seat Rail

5 Reviews


YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100





1 year

350 lb

Heavy Duty Construction

10lb Flywheel

544 Reviews



Now that you have seen plenty of options for some of the best magnetic rowing machines, you might still be wondering why you should choose a rower over another piece of fitness equipment.

The first iteration of a rowing machine came about in the 1870s and is still a fixture in almost any commercial gym today for good reason. Below are just a few of the main benefits you’ll get from a magnetic rower.

1. Full-body Workout

Rowing machines offer a full body workout, hitting 85% of your body’s muscles! The rowing motion, when performed correctly, activates the major muscles of your lower body (quads, hamstrings, glutes, calves), your core (abs and obliques), your back (lower and upper), shoulders, and arms. As mentioned before, this means you can burn fat and strength train at the same time. For an in-depth look at just how effective the rowing machine is, be sure to check out our article on muscles worked during rowing.

2. Low Impact

Magnetic rowing machines provide a high-intensity yet low-impact workout. People that don’t do well with the pounding of using a treadmill or stepper can get some joint relief with a rowing workout.

The workout you get from a rower is most made of concentric muscle movements (tightening), leaving you not as sore as an activity that has more eccentric motion (stretching the muscle out, which is where most of the microtears occur in muscles, leaving you sore and needing recovery).

3. Strengthen Your Back

Rowing machines provide an excellent way to strengthen your back. By engaging your core, your lower back will become stronger which can help get rid of pesky low back issues. Also performing the row correctly will help keep you upright, improving posture which in this day and age of being hooked to computers or smartphones is desperately needed.

4. Well-Rounded Cardio

Another benefit of the full body workout aspect of using rowing machines is the ability to choose to work on your aerobic endurance with a low-intensity steady state (LISS) workout or kick it up a notch for some fast fat burning with a HIIT rowing workout. Both ways of working out have their advantages, and with a rowing machine, you will be receiving benefits not only to your cardiovascular system but your muscular system as well.

5. No Cheating

The list of benefits of rowing machines could go on and on, but the last one we want to mention is that rowers keep your workouts honest. You can’t coast on a rower. When you stop the movement, there’s no residual momentum. When you’re working out on a rower, you are working, the ability to kind of cruise for a couple of seconds isn’t available like other cardio machines.

best magnetic rowing machine for home gyms


Having an idea of what you want in your home rowing machine will help you narrow your search in this expansive field of equipment. Find the best magnetic rower for your needs after thinking about the following points.

1. Size:

You need to figure out how big of a space you have to put your new piece of equipment in. If you are limited in length, then obviously one of the magnetic rowing machines with an extra long rail probably would not be the right pick for you. On the other hand, if you are someone that is very tall, then an extra long seat rail is a necessity.

2. Build:

What your rowing machine is built from is important as well. Someone that is just starting their road to being fit might have a lot of extra weight that they need to get rid of, so weight capacity is a major thing to consider.

If you can leave your machine out, and not have to worry about moving it at all, then transport wheels and weight of the machine itself won’t be as high on your list of importance.

If you have really limited space, then you will probably want to buy one of the compact rowers that is foldable, or can be stored vertically.

3. Features:

Figuring out the special features that you really want is going to steer the direction you choose.

Simple no-frills machines will have less resistance levels and bells and whistles which might be fine for some but not enough for others.

If you are looking for top of the line, trainer guided workouts, that narrows down options considerably. Looking into whether or not you would prefer strictly magnetic rowers or if you want a magnetic/air rower hybrid will also have an impact on what machine to buy.

Figuring out the decibel level that you’re looking for is an important feature as well, especially depending on where your machine will be calling home.

4. Price:

There’s quite a large range of prices when it comes to magnetic rowers. On the low end you’re looking at a few hundred dollars; the more simple the machine with less resistance levels, lower weight capacity, shorter warranty and fewer overall options for the console and electronics means you’ll spend less money.

However, people that are super serious about working out and plan on using their rower frequently for years to come might be better served by a machine that costs well over $1000.

5. Usage:

Usage ties in with the last part of the features mentioned above. Is this rower going to be something you’re going to use while watching TV, or is it going into a dedicated workout space?

If you are only planning on incorporating rowing into your workout regimen once a week, then the ultra deluxe model will most likely not be the best investment for you. On the other hand, if you plan on using your rower multiple times a week, then putting in a little extra money might pay off down the line.

6. Reviews:

Looking at positive and negative reviews of whatever machine you are looking into buying is extremely important. It will give you an idea of what people love about the product and what they don’t. Paying attention to why people gave the rating they did is important as well. Someone could rate a product one star because the box they received was damaged, which could have been from the delivery service. Looking at reviews will also generally give you a decent idea about the company’s customer service, excellent or poor.

best magnetic rowing machine under $500

Magnetic Rowing Machine FAQs:

How does a magnetic rowing machine work?

Magnetic rowers work by having varied distances between powerful magnets on a spinning flywheel. The resistance can be increased or decreased by bringing the magnets closer together or farther apart.

Are Magnetic Rowers Quiet?

When it comes to rowing machines, magnetic rowers are the quietest, being on the opposite side of the spectrum as air rowers.

Are magnetic rowing machines durable?

Due to high-quality building materials used in most machines, they are built to last through even the most brutal workouts. Look for machines that at least have a lifetime warranty on the frame if you want the safest bet.

Are magnetic rowing machines a good workout?

Utilizing 85% of your body’s muscles, rowers provide an excellent cardiovascular as well as muscular workout. If you’ve never used a rower before try one out at your local gym for 3-5 minutes and then you’ll understand how brutal a rowing workout can be.

What is an air and magnetic resistance rowing machine?

A dual resistance machine uses the benefit of magnetic resistance while adding the challenge of progressive air resistance creating a tougher workout.

Are magnetic rowers better than water rowers?

Magnetic rowers have a different feel than a water rower. Magnetic rowing machines have a consistent resistance, unlike a water rower which isn’t fixed. That being said, some people do prefer the feel of a water rower.

Are magnetic rowers better than air rowers?

Magnetic rowers have a set amount of resistance settings and run very quiet. Air rowers have unlimited resistance but run a lot louder.

Is a Rowing Machine Better Than a Treadmill?

A rowing machine gives you a total body workout, building muscle while burning fat as opposed to a treadmill that just burns fat. Therefore, rowing workouts will be more taxing on your body and can lead to better results in a shorter time.

Which Burns More Calories Running or Rowing?

Running typically burns more calories per hour due to working against gravity. Rowing might burn more fat due to its strength-building aspects.

What Muscles Does Rowing Work?

Your lower body (quads, glutes), core muscles (abs, obliques), shoulders, arms, and back. You can also switch up your grip on the handle if you want to target various muscles. Overall, rowing works the majority of your body!

How Far Should You Lean Back When Rowing?

At the top of the rowing motion you only want to lean back to about the 1 o’clock position for correct form.

best magnetic rowing machine under 300


If you’re looking for a piece of equipment that can provide an excellent cardio workout and help you build strength in short amounts of time, then a magnetic rower is a great option for you to choose.

Whether you are looking for a budget option like theBluefin BLADE Rowing Machine,a premium machine like the Aviron Tough Series, or something in between, we’ve highlighted the benefits and advantages of each machine. Sorting through the best indoor rowing machines can be a daunting task, but with our list, finding the right fit for all your fitness goals just became a bit easier.

As a final recap, here are all of our recommendations for top rated magnetic rowing machines:

  1. Overall Best Magnetic Rowing Machine:Horizon Oxford 3 Rower
  2. Best For Budget:Bluefin BLADE Rowing Machine
  3. Most Premium:Aviron Tough Series Rower
  4. Best On Amazon Overall:Merach Magnetic Rower Machine
  5. Best Budget Option On Amazon:Sunny Health Magnetic Rowing Machine
  6. Best Foldable Magnetic Rower:Spirit CRW800 Rower
  7. Best Magnetic Rowing Machine For Tall People:YOSUDA Rowing Machine 100

best magnetic rowing machines

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