Why Should You Choose EDLA BenQ Boards?

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It seems like everywhere you turn these days, there’s another interactive display brand touting their new Google Enterprise Devices Licensing Agreement (EDLA) boards. While these smart boards might all seem similar at first glance, a closer look reveals that BenQ Boards stand out from the crowd with eight key advantages.

They let you teach your way

No matter how you prefer to teach, EDLA BenQ Boards adapt to match your lessons. That’s because they give you a custom teaching space, personal data security, quick access to the board, and more.

Your very own teaching space

BenQ Boards give a teaching space that you can customize and access securely from any BenQ Board in your school. This way, you can simply log in to any board to quickly and easily bring up your personalized settings, bookmarks, folders, and even wallpaper.

Your data is secure with BenQ Boards

Even though you can log into any board and find your teaching space, that doesn’t mean your data is at risk of being compromised; actually, far from it. Each teacher and student account is kept separate, so there’s no way for other users to take a look at your private data. Only you can access your files and the online accounts and apps that you’ve logged into, nobody else.

Simply tap and teach

Logging into the board is as easy as a tap. You can simply tap your NFC card to the board’s NFC sensor to log in and automatically load your account and lesson files. Take one of the handy BenQ Board pens and tap it on the board’s NFC sensor to pull up the interactive whiteboard, too. Starting in early 2024, you can even tap your Android phone to the sensor to start screen sharing easily. Pretty cool, right?

Powerful whiteboarding that’s easy to use

BenQ Boards include EZWrite, their interactive whiteboarding software. It’s loaded with features, but don’t worry, it’s simple to use. With it, you can take notes, draw, and more on a canvas that you can keep expanding forever. That means you’ll never run out of whiteboard space.
Adding videos, images, and links is easy, too, and you can use built-in interactive templates and tools, including AI tools like handwriting recognition, text-to-speech, translation, and more on the fly to keep students engaged with your lessons.

Ezwrite Benqs Interactive Whiteboard Software
With EZWrite, BenQ’s interactive whiteboard software, teachers and students get powerful but easy-to-use annotation tools for enhanced lessons.
Sharing and collaboration is a breeze

If you’re more at home using your laptop to teach, you can easily connect it to the board using a cable or cast your screen wirelessly with InstaShare, BenQ’s screen-sharing program. InstaShare lets you collaborate with students, record sessions, and control sharing permissions with its powerful features to further draw students into lessons.

Easily fetch lesson content on the cloud

Do you keep your lesson files on the cloud? BenQ Boards come bundled with AMS, or Account Management System. That sounds pretty fancy but what it does is give you an easy way to link your Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, and Box accounts to the board. You can then access lesson files with your favorite cloud storage account directly from the BenQ Board. That means less time downloading and transferring files and more time teaching!

BenQ is always ready to help you

BenQ is known for being great to schools and teachers by ensuring that they get the most out of their new boards and helping them every step of the way.

Hands-on, in-person training

Even though BenQ Boards are intuitive and easy to use, BenQ still offers users both core and comprehensive training, just in case. On-site training teams lend their time and expertise to teachers and IT staff and will show you all the tips and tricks you need to master using and maintaining your boards. They can also answer all your pressing questions right on the spot.

Benqs Training Support and After-sales Care for School Staff
Integrating BenQ Boards into a school means you also get BenQ’s training, support, and after-sales care for teachers, IT, and local support teams.
A comprehensive library of videos and guides

In case you want a quick review of how to use the board, you can easily access BenQ’s extensive repository of how-to videos and FAQs on their YouTube channel and training portals, including BenQ Academy.

Professional on-site and remote support

In the rare instance of a technical issue, BenQ will actually promptly deploy local or remote support teams to help you find a solution and get your boards up and running again.

They make board management simple

IT admins are busy, so BenQ takes the complexity out of device and user management to free up their time.

Device onboarding just got easier

Registering dozens or hundreds of new boards to your school system can be daunting. BenQ has two easy ways to get your new boards up and running quickly:

  • Scan to enroll: Just scan the barcode on the box or display with your smartphone to automatically bind the display to BenQ device management services.
  • Bulk enrollment: Enroll new boards by simply importing a CSV file. Then, configure your device and network settings once and apply them to all your boards with USB and NFC or by pushing policies through the cloud.
Easy Enrollment with Edla Benq Boards
EDLA BenQ Boards are easy to enroll and get up and running, making IT staff’s job easier.
Sync user lists in real time

Much like devices, you can import and sync your existing user lists from Google Workspace, Microsoft Entra ID, ClassLink, or other directory services to the BenQ Identity and Access Management system.

Remotely update and monitor all your boards

Buying a BenQ Board gives you full access to the BenQ Device Management Solution (DMS). With it, you can remotely monitor the performance and configure board settings on a single platform. DMS allows IT admins to push firmware and app updates to ensure boards are running optimally. You can also create policies to remotely apply settings to your boards, from sleep mode timers to installing and removing apps to security certificates and more.

Your data is protected

Data security matters, especially for schools that handle students’ and staff’s personal information. BenQ solutions help secure your data in three different ways:

A commitment to privacy protection

BenQ’s systems comply with international privacy standards, including the GDPR and the CCPA. They employ robust encryption methods and secure protocols during data transmission and also use secure and vetted cloud infrastructure to host their cloud-based services, which decreases the risk of data leaks.

Security against outside threats

BenQ offers robust security options to protect your devices and networks from potential exploits and malware. These include timely system updates, comprehensive network security settings, and app scanning, thanks to Google Play Protect.

Powerful access controls

BenQ Boards have several settings that allow IT staff to enforce strict access controls. These stop unauthorized users from using your boards or tampering with other users’ accounts and files. Plus, IT can block certain apps or even restrict access to the Play Store entirely.

Security from Google Play Protect App on Benq Boards
BenQ Boards offers various layers of security from Google Play Protect app scanning to IT-only access controls and secure data transmission.

No subscription fees, period

Unlike smart board providers that rely on third-party or subscription-based education software and device management platforms, BenQ’s whiteboarding, screen sharing, and management solutions are all developed in-house and are completely free. That means you don’t need to pay for add-on software or worry about annual changes to subscription terms and pricing.

They help you save on energy

Saving energy and reducing carbon footprints are hot topics right now and schools are no exception. BenQ Boards help educational institutions do this in a few ways: firstly, they feature an ENERGY STAR®-certified Eco mode, as well as a Power Save mode, that helps to cut back on the board’s energy consumption without affecting the classroom experience.
Secondly, IT admins can remotely set power on and off schedules, as well as sleep mode timers, to make sure boards are off or put to sleep when they’re not needed. Last but not least, DMS gives you power usage analytics that can help you optimize the energy usage of your boards and reduce your school’s carbon footprint.

Save Power with Energy Star- Certified Eco Picture Mode on Benq Boards
Easily save on power with features such as the ENERGY STAR®-certified Eco picture mode.

They’re designed for healthy classrooms

BenQ offers its ClassroomCare® technologies that cover all areas of student and teacher health. Their Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 screens protect users’ eyes from harmful blue light at the hardware level without resorting to blue light filtering software that alters the screen’s colors by making them warmer. What this means is that students and teachers are protected from blue while still enjoying vivid, accurate colors on the board. In addition, the board’s screen is flicker-free and anti-glare for greater eyesight protection.

What’s more, the boards feature antimicrobial screens and peripherals to reduce germ transmission while built-in sensors, and the air ionizer in the Pro series, regulate classroom air quality to boost student awareness and protect their respiratory health.

Benq's RP04 and RM04 Eyesafe Interactive Display
BenQ’s RP04 and RM04 interactive displays are Eyesafe® Certified 2.0 to provide the highest level of eyesight protection. They effectively reduce high-energy blue light without compromising color quality.

Their specs are seriously good

It’s hard for other smart board brands to compare with the combined specs of the BenQ Board.

Lightning-fast processors

The latest BenQ Boards harness the power of an 8-core system on a chip paired with Android 13. This makes them perform better and respond faster for longer, which makes them a future-proof investment for your educational needs.

Best in sight, sound, and touch

No other smart board offers a combination of crystal-clear, vivid visuals on a 4K UHD screen coupled with immersive from two built-in 20-watt speakers and a 16-watt subwoofer. BenQ is the only interactive display provider that offers this level of cutting-edge audiovisual experience for students.

They also have cutting-edge IR touch technology with less than 5ms response time and up to 40 touch points. This translates to a responsive, natural touch experience that lets everyone use the board at once.

BenQ, with its headquarters in Taiwan and strategically placed offices and warehouses in California, Texas, and Tennessee in the US, and Ontario and British Columbia in Canada, with more to come, has been working with some of the biggest school districts to deliver BenQ Boards to tens of thousands of classrooms. They offer powerful-yet-intuitive boards, comprehensive tools for IT specialists, easy onboarding, and dedicated training and support to help schools deliver great educational experiences and shape the future of learning. To learn more about BenQ, and get in touch with one of their experts, you can visit their website here.

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