What does an Android developer do?

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An Android Developer is a software developer who specializes in designing applications for android operating systems. Android is an operating system that is a hot cake in the market. Developing applications for android is on the boom, so the demand for an android developer is very high. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for software developers, which includes Android developers, is expected to rise by 17 per cent through 2024. Android and iOS developers are almost the same. An Android developer should have some necessary technical and non-technical skills which help them to make a career in the Android development field.

Android developer’s Works and Responsibilities

An Android developer has several responsibilities, from creating the app to debugging it after deployment. As android developers, they have to keep various things in mind while creating the app to make the app more user-friendly and easier to use. For this, they use various methods. There are some works that an android developer does,

  • Design applications with interactive UI: UI (User Interface) is how a person interacts with the features of an application. An android developer makes applications for the android platform. They make applications that are suitable for all users. Its user interface should be interactive and attractive. Working with good UI gives the application a great look and also attracts users. For this, an android developer should have good knowledge of UI. An Android developer focuses that the application should be accessible to everyone (from all ages and sections).
  • Design and maintain reusable and high-performance code: An android developer is dedicated to the programming languages like C, C++, Java, JavaScript, and a few other tools. Different platforms use different programming languages. It is on the developer, which language they prefer. Building Android applications requires a deep understanding of programming and design. They maintain a reusable and understanding environment of code to be easy to change or debug. Maintaining the understanding environment of code is useful for the current developer and also for the future developers. Updating the applications is necessary after some time so they maintain a code format so that it could be easy to change.
  • Troubleshoot and fix bugs: Troubleshooting and fixing the bug is the main thing that a coder does. When the code of any application is written, removing the bugs and thinking about the possible bugs is the work of the android developer. The responsibilities of troubleshooting are on the android developer when an app is shipped to the user. Android developers firstly test the application for possible issues and after that, if any issue arises, then fixing the bugs is the responsibility of the android developer.
  • Keep Updated about new development tools: Android developers have to stay updated about the new tools and technologies. Changes come into the market from time to time, so keep updating themselves is the most important thing; otherwise, they will leave behind in the race. So, they have to keep updated about the new tools that come into the market. They have to evaluate new tools as they hit the market and think that it is worth implementing or not. New technology helps to get new knowledge and add some new features to the existing apps. They have to evaluate new tools as they are very important in going ahead in the market. New tools and technologies give new features which can be more interactive and useful.
  • Work with different APIs: API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is a connection between computer programs so that they can communicate with each other. An Android developer works with different APIs to interact with many services. Ex. To allow the navigation system, Google’s API is used. API is used to use different services in one app. By using API, they permit different programs to open in one and make the application more interactive. Many companies offer APIs and give instructions for securely using them.
  • Think about the user’s requirement: An android developer create the application after thinking about the user’s requirements. Users will use the app, so thinking about the users’ requirements and comfort is the developer’s responsibility. Working according to the user gives customer satisfaction which is the duty of a developer.
  • Ensure the best possible performance and quality of the application: An Android developer works to make the application responsive in the least time. People have very little patience, so if any application takes some extra time to open, they exit it even without opening it. So, an android developer keeps in mind that the application should have very little response time. They make such types of applications that will give high performance and quality to the users.
  • Adding the Databases: At this time, almost every app handles a large amount of data, so data handling using databases has become important. The syncing of data between local storage and remote databases is important to use the app when they are offline. An android developer should have good knowledge of databases. In Android development, SQLite is useful for permanently storing the data.

Android Tutorial – Everything You Need to Know

Android developer’s Skills

  1. Knowledge of Programming Languages: Programming languages like C, C++, C#, Java, Kotlin, JavaScript are very important for any Android developer.
  • Java: Java is the official language of Android development and is supported by Android Studio. Learn Android studio.
  • Kotlin: Kotlin is another official Android language. It is similar, but it is easier than Java.
  • C++: Android Studio also supports C++ with the use of Java NDK. It is used for making games. C++ is complicated, so large and professional teams mostly use this.
  • C#: C# is a more beginner-friendly alternative to C and C++. It is also less difficult than Java.
  • JavaScript: PhoneGap powered by Apache Cordova allows the creation of apps using the same code used to create a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
  1. Proficiency in databases: Knowledge of databases is important for every developer. An Android developer uses some popular databases like MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis, MongoDB, MariaDB, SQLite to build Android apps. SQLite is ideal for mobile applications and useful for permanently storing the data.
  2. Knowledge of Android Studio: Android Studio is an integrated development environment where android applications are developed. Android Studio provides the fastest tools for building apps on every type of Android device. Its purpose is to accelerate development and help in build the highest-quality apps for android devices. For working with android studio, one should know XML for designing purposes and Java or Kotlin for writing the code.
  3. Knowledge of Android SDK and different versions of Android: SDK stands for Software Development Kit. The Android SDK is modules of Java code that permit developers to access mobile device functions like camera and accelerometer. For developers, it is necessary to keep the knowledge of Android SDK. Android software development is the process by which applications are created for devices running the Android operating system. There are many Android versions, so an android developer should keep updated on the different versions of the Android.
  4. Knowledge of different APIs: API stands for Application Programming Interface. API allows communication between different programs. Ex. we may want to see the weather in an application, so we have to use API to communicate with each other.

The career of Android developers is increasing with time. As we see, the mobile market is growing, so the app market is also growing. Mobile and internet connectivity have become a necessity for people across the world. Creating applications for Android or iOS is in high demand. Android tops the list with 74.43% of the total mobile OS market share and above 52 billion app downloads today. So, at this time, Android developer is on high demand which can make a user-friendly app. At this time, everyone wants the application, which makes their work easy. Ex. There are various apps related to education that make the study easy for the students. Android has dominated the global smartphone operating system market share for several years now. According to research company Gartner, in the Second Quarter of 2016, Android led worldwide new smartphones sales by 86.2%. Learning about programming and software development can help people from different backgrounds to build a professional profile. Becoming an Android developer at this time is in high demand. Anyone can become an android developer by gaining the necessary skills from online and offline classes. If you’re looking to get started in Android app development, check out these android app development courses. It would help you to put your leg in this evergreen field.

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