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The online learning landscape is booming. However, standing out in the crowded market with your insights, courses and training solutions can be challenging. With multiple aspects of online training programs, managing all functions can be a hassle for the training provider. Having a one-stop solution can help. Enter TrainerCentral, an online course platform catering specifically to aspiring and established trainers. Whether you’re a yoga guru or a leadership coach, TrainerCentral enables you to overcome key challenges, build engaging courses, attract learners, and effectively manage your learning business from one platform.

The online training platform offers bundles of features that can automate learning content distribution, student assessment, live teaching, student communications, and other administrative functions. The platform is built so that diverse training requirements from individual online coaches, training institutes, and businesses looking to train employees can be easily met.

Target Audience

The platform is designed to cater to a wide range of use cases. The platform can be used for Early Learning (Preschools), Primary and Secondary Education (K-12 Schools), Higher Education (Colleges & Universities), Upskilling/Adult Education (Working Professionals), Workplace Learning (Corporates and LnD), EdTechs/Publishers, Individual Trainers, Coaches, and Education-Focused Content Creators

Pain Point Solved

Content Creation and Management, Curriculum and Courseware Design, Development and Distribution, Assessment, Learning Management, Tutoring and Remediation, Learning Technology Management

What Sets TrainerCentral Apart (Salient Features)

Course Builder

TrainerCentral enables the course provider to upload media-rich content easily using a drag-and-drop interface. It supports PDFs, videos, quizzes, and even live sessions to craft interactive, multi-faceted courses. The platform promotes sequential learning workflows using drip schedules and compliance rules.

Online Course Builder trainercentral

Drip Content allows education providers to release new courses/content according to set schedules, keeping learners interested and pacing the learning journey while ensuring they give enough time to every topic. It also offers adaptive content streaming and a centralised library to access essential resources easily. The customisation options allow the provider to align the learning experience with learning goals, ensuring a controlled learning journey.

Drip Scheduling trainercentral

Live Virtual Classroom

The platform offers a live virtual classroom, allowing you to host HD video conferencing and engage learners in real time. Key elements like screen sharing, polls, tests, and live chat are also helpful during live lectures, making teaching-learning more effective and engaging. Additionally, whiteboarding tools enhance collaboration, making TrainerCentral a powerful platform for interactive workshops and training sessions. The feature comes as a package for all paid plans, and no additional fee or subscription is required.

Built-in Live Classroom trainercentral

Auto-graded Tests and Certificates

TrainerCentral supports student assessment tools with features like time limits and minimum pass percentages. This allows educators to run automated assessments after a learner has completed a module or a courseware, allowing for prompt testing of learning and understanding. You can also auto-generate unique e-certificates for students when they complete courses.

Mobile App-based Learning

The platform offers a free mobile app for all learners. Training providers can easily deliver on-the-go courses, offering complete flexibility to learners. The dedicated mobile app enables learners to access materials and participate in activities from any device. TrainerCentral also supports white labelling of the Mobile App as an add-on feature that allows you to customise the feel of the app and align it with your brand voice.

Website Builder

Trainers can also build their websites using a no-code website builder. Building a website through the platform is user-friendly as the tool offers drag-and-drop design, customisation, branding control, and content management, enabling users to easily arrange pre-built elements, customise colours, fonts, layouts, and themes, and share expertise and testimonials, driving trust and brand confidence. You can also use “Custom Domains” to ensure brand consistency for your website.

Website Builder trainercentral

Marketing Tools

The platform not only eases out the basic marketing tasks but also offers a set of built-in marketing tools that help you with advanced marketing beyond email campaigns, coupons, and landing pages. You can leverage social media sharing tools and even integrate third-party marketing platforms to reach your target audience effectively.

Course Selling with Zero Revenue Sharing

TrainerCentral also lets you monetise your courses while allowing you to keep 100% of your revenue. Course providers need not worry about the arduous efforts to manage subscriptions and renewals. The platform makes it easy to sell your courses online, create subscriptions, set your pricing, manage renewals, and more at no additional transaction charges or commission from your course fee.

Course Selling with Zero Revenue Sharing


The platform uses advanced and deep analytics to provide valuable insights into learner behaviour with detailed reports on course completion rates, engagement metrics, and individual progress. Learning providers can easily track learner performance and identify areas for improvement to refine content and teaching approaches and even recommend additional learning material.

Other Notable Features:

TrainerCentral also features a built-in community that helps foster engagement with discussion forums where learners can connect and share experiences, creating a vibrant learning ecosystem.


Using integrations, you can connect your TrainerCentral account with essential tools like Zoom, Zapier, PayPal, PayTM, RazorPay, Stripe and more for streamlined workflows and enhanced functionality.

How to Use Video

Pricing and Value

TrainerCentral offers tiered pricing plans starting with a free option, ideal for testing the platform’s suitability and capabilities. Paid plans cater to growing businesses, offering increased features, storage, and learner capacity. The comprehensive toolkit and dedicated support justify the investment for serious trainers. You can check out the comprehensive pricing plan here.


Before I started using TrainerCentral I was using a basic email and PDF style coaching method, but since building out my run coaching systems on TrainerCentral I have been able to deliver the core content in an online, always accessible and on-demand way that allows me to spend more time answering the questions of my runners and actually having more time to coach them. The best part of the platform is that it lets me take an idea to a new course module in a matter of hours, I simply develop the content, record and edit the video, write the module and load it all into the TrainerCentral platform and send an email directly to my learners to let them know there is something new waiting for them. I cannot recommend TrainerCentral enough, it is a powerful, cost effective and really intuitive platform with a Development Team behind it that is always willing to listen to your queries and help you out! – Jonathan Lambrianidis – Fit for Life Run Club


TrainerCentral empowers you to create high-quality courses, engage your audience, and manage your learning business efficiently. Its user-friendly interface, diverse features, and mobile-first approach make it a compelling and cost-effective option for trainers of all levels. TrainerCentral’s focus on ease of use, scalability, and community building makes it a valuable investment for those building a thriving online learning empire.

Overall, if you’re looking for a platform that goes beyond simply hosting your courses and truly helps you build a successful online training business, TrainerCentral is definitely worth exploring.


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