Singaporean EdTech Accelerator EduSpaze Announces Seventh Cohort of Startups

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EduSpaze, Singapore’s first and largest EdTech accelerator, welcomed seven promising entrepreneurs into its prestigious accelerator programme. The most recent round of incoming startups comprises forward-thinking companies that use artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) to revolutionise the education environment and empower students in Singapore and the Southeast Asian region.

These seven startups, namely uWave, Open Academy, AI Blocks, Zezedu, PrimeSkills, Universitas123, and Turtle Learn will be part of the EduSpaze accelerator programme’s seventh cohort. During the initiative, startups will receive seed funding and guidance from expert education and EdTech mentors to help them establish their market niche, attract investors, and expand globally.

Speaking about the latest development, Alex Ng, Managing Director of EduSpaze, said:

Given the rise in AI, we see new possibilities and growth ahead in an exciting time in EdTech with the global market primed to be a USD 421 billion industry by 2032. Furthermore, the sector is evolving with key players like Google focusing on how AI can work in education in their newest search engine upgrades and tech visionaries from Microsoft showing great enthusiasm about AI’s role in education, such as offering feedback for essays and alleviating teachers’ workload. We have curated this seventh cohort of our programme to include promising changemakers. We are proud to be the launching pad to propel them further and guide them on their mission to redefine EdTech and education.

Future-proofing education by leveraging AI and VR

The traditional understanding of school has been undeniably disrupted since the pandemic, encouraging institutions to create meaningful experiences for learners online. Even after the return to in-person classes, the impact of digital technologies in classrooms prevails. Transitioning to online learning is merely a first step towards incorporating technology into education — EdTech startups go beyond replicating and digitising traditional classroom content and operations. The experience of going to school and getting an education has been fundamentally transformed, revealing a whole new host of opportunities to utilise technology when preparing students for the future.

Co-founder & CEO of uWave, Cedrik Lim, commented:

Most people overlook the importance of building a community in schools, but the networks formed there eventually become invaluable tools for students and the institution. It helps create opportunities for mentorship and meaningful connection, and uWave’s mission is to empower and nurture these vibrant private communities. We partner with schools to establish and foster dynamic communities for their students and alumni. EduSpaze has an extensive network across Southeast Asia, and we’re thrilled about the possibilities this programme holds for our business growth.

The skills conferred to students through schooling must expand beyond the textbook knowledge. In the technologically driven world, AI has permeated nearly every sector at an unprecedented rate, and the skills students possess must evolve in tandem. The new EduSpaze cohort also features startups like AI Blocks, which is focused on incorporating AI in the classroom, allowing students to explore and learn more about different AI topics.

EduSpaze’s accelerator programme provides a suitable environment for businesses to thrive by giving them access to their vast network of educators and mentors and possibilities to deploy prototype initiatives and up to S$500k in venture capital. The company aims to build a vibrant ecosystem of EdTech entrepreneurs in Singapore and the Southeast Asian area. With the EdTech market expected to reach USD 420 billion by 2032, these startups have plenty of potential to provide value.

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