Show Stopper—CTL on Connected Chromebooks

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CTL, a global cloud-computing solution leader for education, will present at the upcomingConsortium for School Networking (CoSN) conferencein Miami, Florida, on Tuesday, April 9, at 11:45 a.m. on the topic of “What’s Next in Connected Chromebooks: 5G and Private Wireless Networks.” The session will be presented in partnership with Google and the Murray City School District, Utah.

The interactive session with CTL and Google leadership will share new developments for ChromeOS and connected Chromebooks with a focus on next-generation 5G capability, private wireless network (PWN) support, and new features to better manage eSIM and carrier profiles. Murray City School District will share how they deployed a private wireless network with connected Chromebooks to improve digital access for all. The discussion will also include the future roadmap for connected Chromebooks. Attendees will learn and contribute to making connected Chromebooks financially sustainable, environmentally responsible, and simpler to administer for all schools.

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