My biggest professional challenge was the latest technology shift regarding the various Cloud implementations


 I am working with the Punjab State Government as Deputy Director of IT, responsible for leading and implementing various IT Initiatives for the Department. The overall experience is backed up by extensive exposure to both Government and Corporate environments in multi-faceted domain areas where IT Implementations have been carried out.

The core competencies include e-governance, Management and Business Transformation, Business and IT Strategy Formulation, Project Design and Implementation, Program and Project Management, Government and Business Process Re-engineering (BPR), Proposal Writing, Presentation Skills, Technical Consultancy and Support. 

A strong inclination with dependable expertise in Portfolio and Program Management, Cloud Computing Solutions, Data Analytics, Solution Design, Enterprise Architecture, and GIS Applications.

Before joining this PG Program in Cloud Computing, I worked on implementing various IT initiatives in my organization, including multi-tenancy applications, integration, and enterprise architecture-based environments.

My biggest professional challenge was the latest technology shift regarding the various Cloud implementations. However, I was already working on cloud environments, but I was finding it difficult to cope with the new updates, technology jargon, implementation models, and overall licensing and pricing scenarios.

I chose Great Learning after seeking input from all my peers and colleagues working in the corporate sector, as well as reviews and success stories. My inclination to pursue Great Learning was also due to the solid, convincing factor showcased by your marketing team and the online platform.

The mentored Learning Sessions were excellent and have been very beneficial in clarifying doubts and setting the tone for the entire curriculum. Moreover, the sessions have been planned so nicely that the entire course is shared in advance, and all doubts are cleared upon attending the mentored session.

Excellent quality content with profound concept clarity, which not only helps one understand the subject but also clarifies the overall perspective. The mentor has supported me with deep knowledge and understanding, which has helped bridge the gaps and shown the correct roadmap for further career prospects in the Cloud.

There was a lot of clarification with respect to the Cloud concepts covering licensing and choosing the most suitable environment with the correct and adaptable options. In addition to this, the course has also honed my skills in online learning, aptitude, and participating in forums, groups, and communities. Overall, it was an excellent platform to learn and grow professionally. 

I advise choosing a platform that provides good content, has more learned and experienced mentors, and interacts with industry experts. This kind of platform will undoubtedly be of great help in changing the overall learning aptitude and honing the skills of the resources.


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