Most Rewarding Careers in the Education Sector

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The education sector is the core of any career, industry or nation. It helps build the foundation of students for a brighter future. If you wish to work as an educator, there are several choices available that can help you choose the one that matches your interest and eventually make a successful career in this field. We’ll go through the best career in education that you can consider in this field.

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8 Most Rewarding Careers in Education

Let’s have a look at the top 8 rewarding careers in education.

Chief Academic Officer

Chief Academic Officer, also known as Directors of Education, is one of the most prestigious careers in education. These skilled professionals are responsible for directing, planning, and coordinating programmes. A Chief Academic Officer is also in charge of conducting research and developing academic courses. They oversee a course’s progress at a college or university once it is developed. They work to respond to complaints from students and faculty members throughout the process. You may expect to earn an average of INR 5-7 lakhs per year if you become a chief academic officer.

While some individuals may be promoted with only a Master’s degree and work experience, the majority of applicants will require a Doctoral in Educational Leadership. Successful applicants often have prior managerial experience in educational contexts.

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School Principal

A School Principal is in charge of managing and overseeing everything that goes on in the school. They are in charge of business like educational policy formulation and implementation. Principals also take care of public relations and communication with the community and parents. If a kid faces any difficulty, the School Principal may assist teachers in resolving the situation.

Furthermore, School Principals also look after hiring teachers and other staff members. They seek to improve the academic curriculum at the school and guarantee that teachers are following it correctly. The training of staff members and the growth of students are overseen by School Principals. This makes the job of a School Principal yet one of the most rewarded careers in education.

To be eligible for a post as a School Principal, you will need a bachelor’s and a master’s degree in Educational Leadership or Administration. Principals are sometimes required to have prior classroom teaching experience before being promoted to the position of principal or assistant principal. The average salary of Principals ranges between INR 8-15 lakhs per year on average.

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Post-Secondary Administrator

Next on our list of the most rewarding careers in education is Post-Secondary Administrator. An individual in this job may be in charge of a financial assistance or admissions office. A secondary school, college, or university employs a postsecondary administrator. They are in charge of a variety of administrative tasks like residential life, admissions, intercultural affairs, etc.

A master’s or doctorate PhD in education is often required of a postsecondary administrator. Applicants will often be required to take courses in School Finance, Educational Leadership, Student Affairs, Higher Education Administration, and Educational Law. A few colleges may also need candidates to have additional qualifications. Many institutions, for example, seek individuals who have worked as a professor or an educational administrator in the past. A Post-secondary Administrator earns an impressive ₹7-12 lakhs per year.

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Assistant Principal

An Assistant Principal is next on our list of the most rewarding careers in education. An assistant principal is a part of the school’s administrative team. They assist the principal in attaining his or her goals while also supporting parents, teachers, and students.

Applicants for the role of assistant principal should have a bachelor’s degree and relevant experience. Before they may move to a managerial role, most assistant principals will need a master’s degree. While someone without a master’s degree can still receive a promotion, many schools demand extra training.

Assistant Principals have administrative and managerial skills that enable them to assist students, instructors, and staff members. An Assistant Principal’s job is to keep track of teachers’ and academic courses’ performance. They may observe teachers, give criticism, and keep track of their progress. An Assistant Principal earns an average of INR 5-9 lakhs per year.

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College Professors

College Professors are in charge of training students in a variety of academic disciplines. A few of the tutoring subjects include technology, engineering, history, economics, art, and music. A professor is required to organize lectures, conduct research in their subject, and use various tools and techniques to make learning captivating and impart quality education.

The basic eligibility of a College Professor includes a Master’s degree. A doctorate is only required if the candidate wants to work at prestigious schools and institutions. Professors at community institutions may be able to get employed with only a Master’s degree.

College Professors must continue to study and perform research after completing their undergraduate degree as they are expected to have a deep grasp of their area. They may perform scientific studies, investigate new fields of inquiry, and criticize the work of other academics and may also publish their work. A College Professor earns a median salary of INR 8-14 lakhs per year which makes it one of the most rewarded careers in education.

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Librarians play an essential role in schools and colleges. They are in charge of the school’s library and information management. While most people associate librarians with the maintenance of the school’s books, they also oversee digital resources such as online research tools, educational applications, and inter-library loans. Librarians also manage staff members and develop library activities.

A Bachelor’s Degree may be enough to gain a job as a librarian, but many positions need graduate training. A Master’s Degree in library science is usually required by Librarians. A teaching license or an education certificate may also be required, depending on the state. The median salary of a Librarian is around ₹4-9 lakhs per year.

Special Education Teachers

Special Education teachers train infants, adolescents, and teenagers with mental, emotional, or physical impairments. They create customized curriculum and activities for their students to provide them with opportunities. This helps special students maximize freedom, increase knowledge, improve skills, and enhance talents. Individual Educational Programs (IEPs) or specially developed lesson plans are assessed and adapted by Special Education Teachers to ensure that teaching is customized to each student’s skills and abilities.

To qualify for employment, most special education teachers must have a Bachelor’s degree, special education certification, and experience. Many Special Education Teachers with Master’s Degrees in special education are preferred over less trained candidates. Special Education Teachers earn between INR 7 lakhs to INR 9 lakhs per year on average. This makes special education teachers one of the most rewarded careers in education.

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School Counsellors

School Counsellors offer services to students, employees, instructors, and administrators at elementary, middle, and high schools. They provide personal, educational, or vocational counselling PhD in, as well as mental health education and other tools to help students succeed. They also identify abuse, connect students to other assistance, and help them plan for college or careers.

A Master’s degree in school counselling and licensing are required for becoming a School Counselor. School counsellors earn between INR 7 lakhs to INR 8 lakhs per year.

Learning to Succeed in the Field of Education

There are a variety of job options available to those with a bachelor’s degree in education. Students who seek specialized professions might need a Master’s or doctorate in teaching. Applicants must figure out their professional goals before investing in a specific curriculum to prevent spending time and money on extra degrees.

Students can learn how to convey ideas and run a classroom in an education programme. Many of the abilities obtained in an education programme are transferable to other fields. Communication abilities and management skills are beneficial in jobs such as corporate management.

A teaching degree and experience in the field are required for excellence in the field of education. Many schools provide student teaching programmes, but you may also try shadowing an experienced teacher. You can also work as a volunteer instructor while pursuing your degree. Key thinking and interpersonal communication are critical qualities for education students to possess.

List of Top Universities in India for Pursuing Teacher Training Courses

India’s educational variety is increasing at an incredibly powerful rate. Teachers play an important role in maintaining the country’s educational renown through their outstanding performance. Let’s have a look at some of the best institutions in the country where you can enrol in popular teacher training programmes:

  • Adarsh College of Education, Himachal Pradesh
  • Bhagwan Buddha Primary Teachers Education College, Bihar
  • District Institute for Education and Training, Uttarakhand
  • Dr Bhim Rao Ambedkar Mahavidyalaya, Uttar Pradesh
  • Indraprastha Institute of Education and Management, Uttar Pradesh
  • Kamla Nehru Institute of Management and Technology Education, Uttar Pradesh
  • Kumaranasan Smaraka Teacher Training Institute, Kerala
  • Mahaveer Institute of Technology, Uttar Pradesh
  • Motilal Nehru Degree College, Uttar Pradesh
  • Rama College of Education, Uttar Pradesh
  • Swami Vivekanand College for Professional Studies, Rajasthan
  • Vivekanand College of Education, Maharashtra

Teacher Training Courses Abroad

Prominent universities across the world are offering a broad choice of teacher training courses. Let’s have a look at these universities:

  1. The University of Queensland
Bachelors of Arts/Education (Secondary) – Business, Economics and LawBachelors of Arts/Education (Secondary) – Science and MathematicsBachelors of Business Management/Education (Secondary) – Education
Bachelor of Education (Primary)Bachelor of Education (Primary) (Honours)Bachelors of Arts/Education (Secondary) – Arts, Communication and Society
Bachelors of Business Management/Education (Secondary) Major in Business EconomicsBachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary) – Applied MathematicsBachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary) – Data Analytics and Operations Research
Bachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary) – Mathematical PhysicsBachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary) – Pure MathematicsBachelors of Mathematics/Education (Secondary) – Statistics
  1. Parkland College
Associate in Arts (A.A.) in Elementary EducationAssociate in Arts (A.A.) in Secondary EducationAssociate in Science (A.S.) in Secondary Education
  1. York St John University
Education: Post-compulsory Education MAPrimary Education (3-7) BA (Hons)Primary Education (5-11) BA (Hons)
Primary Education (School Direct) PGCEPrimary PGCE (University-centred)Secondary Education PGCE (School-centred)
Special Educational Needs & Inclusion MASecondary Education (University-centred) RE PGCE
  1. University of Southampton
Education MScFE Learning and Skills Sector PGCEPGCE Secondary Education
Primary Education PGCEPGCE Art and DesignPGCE Sciences

  1. Anglia Ruskin University
Education MALearning and Teaching (Higher Education) PG CertPrimary Education Studies (Accelerated) BA (Hons)
Primary Education Studies BA (Hons)Primary Education Studies [with Foundation Year] BA (Hons)Special Educational Needs and Disability MA

With ever-increasing demand, a career in the educational sector can be the best option for students who are good at teaching. There are several high-paying jobs for students who wish to work in the education sector. Connect with Leverage Edu for any career-related guidance.

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