HiringThing Unveils AI-Assisted Resume Screening Tool to Revolutionize Hiring Experience

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HiringThing, a cloud-based software firm that offers industry-leading, partner-focused, “white-labeled” recruiting and onboarding solutions, recently introduced an AI-assisted resume screening tool to help users enhance their hiring capabilities. According to the company, the tool will provide its client’s white-label partners with a competitive edge and allow all its users to screen candidates more quickly and objectively by utilizing the latest AI technology.

HiringThing claims that this newly launched tool uses advanced algorithms to assess applicant qualifications against job descriptions. Carefully examining each resume generates an unbiased, merit-based evaluation that ensures a fair and inclusive selection process. The app offers intelligent matching capability to quickly identify talent, optimize workflows, and save the recruiter time.

Commenting on the latest development, Director of Product Colette Luke, HiringThing, said:

We’re always looking for ways to keep our partners competitive. AI-assisted resume Screening will do that, allowing partners to provide their clients with a top-tier, future-ready recruiting experience. It’s a real value add, saving companies that are recruiting time and money, helping reduce hiring bias, and allowing companies to pause and reevaluate what they’re looking for in an ‘ideal’ candidate.

LinkedIn revealed last year that filling a job took an average of 57 days, with longer times for more senior positions. Anything that speeds up the recruitment process, particularly combing through hundreds or thousands of resumes, benefits hiring organizations. Every day that a job is open costs the organization money. According to current data, keeping a job open costs an average of $340.90 daily, though this fluctuates based on the role’s level and income. Hiring faster due to technology improvements saves companies money.

Joshua Siler, Founder & CEO of HiringThing, stated:

AI is the way of the future. At HiringThing, we’re committed to delivering new, innovative AI advancements to our customers. I’m convinced that collaborating with AI in strategic, people-centric ways will transform and democratize recruiting. We’re excited to be part of that change.

HiringThing, founded in 2012, has created simple, easy-to-use recruiting and onboarding solutions that make it fun to employ outstanding people and put them up for success. Its white-label solutions and open API allow technology and service companies to deliver hiring and onboarding solutions to their clients. The platform is approachable and adaptable, allowing anybody, anywhere, to build a dream team.

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