Enhancing Communication and Safety at American Heritage Charter School with Rise Vision

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Rise Vision, the #1 digital signage software is excited to announce the release of its newest case study featuring American Heritage Charter School. American Heritage Charter School near Idaho Falls, uses Rise Vision to enhance safety and streamline communication channels within its three buildings.

Josh Siqueiros, the Director of Technology at American Heritage Charter School, was a business IT administrator transplant into the world of education. Josh brought a fresh perspective and a determination to overcome communication challenges he noticed within the school. His background in the business sector equipped him with the skills to navigate the hurdles of implementing new technologies in the educational domain.

Upon joining American Heritage Charter School, Josh Siquerios identified two major challenges he wanted to tackle: Effective communication and to increase safety.

To address the communication and safety challenges, Josh explored various solutions. Josh remarked, “Before Rise Vision, [the school] had one TV in a secondary building doing basically a PowerPoint. They weren’t even using that when I got here. They were trying to use freeware… but it was a struggle with compatibility issues.”

Coming from the business world with his fresh perspective, Josh commented, “Safety messaging was the big thing. We could do better, improve communication, and enhance safety to a higher level than before. Rise Vision was a key part of that goal”.

Rise Vision caught his attention due to its digital signage capabilities and the potential to enhance communication and safety throughout the school.

The American Heritage case study showcases the impact of digital signage on communication and safety in an educational setting. The school’s strategic implementation and commitment to leveraging Rise Vision for both safety and general communication provide valuable insights for other educational institutions considering similar solutions.

For more information about Rise Vision and how it can increase communication and support school safety, visit the company’s website.


Rise Vision is the #1 digital signage software solution for schools. Rise Vision helps schools improve communication, increase student involvement, celebrate student achievements, and create a positive school culture.

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