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Internshala Jobs, the jobs arm of career-tech platform Internshala, has released a pioneering report titled “Navigating GenZ Workplace Expectations in 2024: Insights for HR Professionals.” The report provides an in-depth exploration of GenZ individuals’ expectations, aspirations, and preferences as they enter the workforce, offering invaluable guidance for HR professionals navigating this new landscape.

The survey covers various aspects of GenZ’s professional outlook, including their expectations regarding work-life balance, career advancement opportunities, and desired company culture. It also highlights the importance of corporate social responsibility, diversity and inclusion, and technological innovation in influencing GenZ’s opinion of possible employers.

Given that GenZ brings forth a unique blend of fresh perspectives, digital fluency, and distinct values to the professional realm, it is incumbent upon HR professionals and recruitment specialists to recalibrate their strategies accordingly. Adaptation to these evolving expectations is vital for organizations seeking to attract and retain top GenZ talent, as an aligning recruitment practice with the preferences of this demographic can significantly enhance employee satisfaction, engagement, and long-term retention.

Following are the key learnings from the survey —

Key Motivation to Apply for a Job Opportunity

67% of GenZ job seekers mark learning and growth as key driving force from organizations offer. This keen focus on personal and professional development suggests a strong desire for continuous skill enhancement and career advancement, emphasizing the importance of fostering a conducive workplace learning environment. Following this, 25% of GenZ job seekers prioritize the salary packages offered by a potential employer, 4% of applicants are motivated by the culture of the company, 3% are motivated by brand reputation, and a mere 1% are motivated by additional perks like health insurance, ESOPs, etc.

GenZ is Highly Optimistic in Finding a Job in the Current Market

GenZ’s optimism reveals a strikingly positive outlook among a significant portion of this demographic. An encouraging 52% of surveyed GenZ individuals said they are highly optimistic regarding finding a job in the current market, with an additional 23% saying they are somewhat hopeful. This optimism highlights their confidence in navigating the current job market and signals a readiness to engage in meaningful employment opportunities.

GenZ Prioritizes Work-Life Balance

Work-life balance emerges as a top priority for 84% of GenZ job seekers, indicating a strong desire for equilibrium between their professional and personal pursuits. This preference is also reflected in their work mode choices, with 45% favouring a hybrid model, 31% preferring remote work, and only 21% opting for traditional in-office setups. Employers must recognize and accommodate this need to attract and retain GenZ talent effectively.

Employer Preference of GenZ

40% of Gen-Z job seekers gravitate towards established brand names, while 30% exhibit interest in startups. This diversity in employer preference signifies varying career aspirations within the GenZ cohort, necessitating a tailored recruitment approach to appeal to different segments of this demographic. Additionally, 21% of job seekers express interest in working for small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), highlighting a willingness to explore varied organizational cultures and structures.

GenZ is Pro-Job Hopping

Nearly half (49%) of GenZ individuals exhibit a positive attitude towards job hopping, signalling a willingness to change their employment frequently and explore diverse career paths and experiences. This fluidity in career transitions suggests a need for employers to focus on engagement and retention strategies to foster loyalty and longevity among GenZ employees. 40% of the survey GenZ had a neutral outlook on job hopping, while 11% were not inclined towards job hopping.

Career Success Metrics for GenZ

Achieving work-life balance is the primary measure of career success for 48% of GenZ job seekers, followed by financial stability at 29% and career advancement at 12%.

GenZ’s Preference for Diversity and Inclusion

A notable majority of 67% of GenZ job seekers deem diversity and inclusion as highly important in the workplace, emphasizing the need for inclusive organizational cultures. 27% of the respondents also said that diversity and inclusion matter while applying for a job. Thus, employers must foster environments that promote diversity and equitable opportunities for all.

Sustainability efforts and Environmental policies of companies matter to GenZ

An interesting finding in the survey was that 70% of job seekers prioritize companies with sustainability efforts and environmental policies, highlighting a growing expectation for corporate responsibility. Another 24% consider these factors important.

On Internshala Jobs, the peak job application period for Gen-Z was observed from May to August, with management roles (45%) and engineering roles (32%) being the most popular. Business Development (Sales) and Human Resources (HR) were the top job profiles. Delhi-NCR emerged as the leading region for job seekers.

CEO and Founder of Internshala Jobs, Sarvesh Agrawal, stated about releasing the findings on GenZ’s expectations for employment:

With the rapid influx of Gen Z job seekers into the market, it has become increasingly crucial for HR professionals to delve deeper into understanding this demographic’s nuanced expectations and aspirations. To capture a comprehensive understanding of the preferences, motivations, and priorities of this burgeoning talent pool, we have conducted this survey, encompassing insights from over 4700 actively job-seeking GenZers. This report offers invaluable insights into the mindset of Gen-Z individuals as they navigate the landscape of employment opportunities.

He added:

One key highlight for me in the report is that as we navigate the ever-evolving terrain of Gen Z expectations, one thing remains abundantly clear: the importance of technology and its impact on the future of work. With 57% of GenZers viewing AI as a valuable asset and 11% perceiving it as a transformative force, it is evident that GenZ individuals embrace innovation with open arms. HR leaders must harness this enthusiasm for technology, leveraging AI solutions to streamline processes, drive efficiency, and unlock new growth opportunities.

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