5000+ Students in Meghalaya Empowered With iPrep by iDream Education Digital Learning Under the Project ‘Ka Lawei’

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More than 5000 students in Meghalaya empowered with iPrep by iDream Education Digital Learning under the project’ Ka Lawei’, Meghalaya’s Education Minister lauds the District Administration in East Jaintia Hills.

Shri Abhilash Baranwal Ji, Deputy Commissioner, EJH, is leading the ambitious drive to equip teachers with innovative school classes. The felicitation ceremony was held on 7 August 2023. The Honourable Education Minister of Meghalaya, Shri Rakham Sangma Ji, complimented the innovative work behind ‘Ka Lawei’.

While honouring the program’s milestone, he announced that 50 schools in the region have smart TV digital content. The enthusiasm from students, teachers, and parents attests to its acceptance.

Video is a walkthrough of an incredible journey of the Ka-Lawei initiative from August 2022 to the present. It emphasises the implementation of smart courses and the subsequent strides made in education. Both students and teachers are excited about this initiative since it captivates students with multicategory learning content and tackles historical learning gaps through evaluation and video lessons from the bridge course. Through Project Ka-Lawei, classroom learning is transforming into an enjoyable and effective experience, fostering a joyful learning environment in schools of EJH, Meghalaya.

Commencement of Project Ka Lawei

Project began as a pilot in 20 schools in August 2022, and quickly expanded to 30 more schools in the project’s subsequent phase, which launched in January 2023. Currently, 166 classrooms are benefitted with iPrep Digital Class, which smooths the transition from textbooks to animated lessons, syllabus books, practising, notes and other digital content for grades 6–12. The availability of simple-to-understand multicategory MBOSE-aligned digital content is improving learning experiences for students across 50 schools.

Reach of Project Ka Lawei

  • State: Meghalaya
  • District: East Jaintia Hills
  • No. of Schools: 50
  • No. of Teachers: Impacting over 200 Teachers
  • No. of Students: Impacting over 5000 Students

The project had a systematic approach that included:

  • Implementation of iPrep Digital Class, experimental teacher training on the use and navigation of iPrep App, followed by a detailed understanding of content and its categories for optimum use of smart classes.
  • Teachers are also trained to align digital teaching with their lesson plans.
  • A baseline assessment is conducted for over 5,000 students using tablets to understand their current learning levels.
  • Comprehensive Bridge Course has been prepared for each school by studying their academic plans and baseline assessment results, addressing learning gaps.

The dedication of teachers who embraced smart courses is key to ‘Ka Lawei’s’ success. Nine teachers from various East Jaintia Hills district schools were awarded for embracing smart classes effortlessly.

During the felicitation ceremony, the Education Minister, Shri Rakkam A Sangma, said:

Teacher Felicitation Programme for the Sucess of Project Ka Lawei and Smart Class Usage
teacher felicitation programme for the sucess of project ka lawei and smart class usage

The government is dedicated to improving the education system and making it one of the best in the country and urged stakeholders to work together to improve the overall education scenario in the state.

iDream Education works with a vision to facilitate universal access to learning and growth. Our solutions are designed to break the learning barriers and empower students to Learn Unlimited.

iPrep, by iDream Education, is a Learning Platform that runs both offline & online, is bilingual and works on all major hardware devices and operating systems. iPrep delivers curriculum-aligned digital learning for classes 1st to 12th, all subjects in English, Hindi, and other language mediums for universal reach and learning use as:

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  2. iPrep Digital Library for Tablets/Notebooks based Smart ICT Labs
  3. iPrep PAL for Personalized Adaptive Learning
  4. iPrep Tablets for Preloaded Learning Devices with Monitoring
  5. iPrep App for a one-stop learning platform across Android, iOS, and Web

Through iPrep, iDream Education empowers teachers and students, both in schools and at home, to Learn Unlimited.

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