‘ED United Oppn’, ‘2004-14 Decade of Scams’: Top Quotes from Modi’s Fiery Address

A day after Congress leader Rahul Gandhi’s speech in Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday launched scathing attacks on the grand-old-party. As the Prime Minister tore into Congress, the opposition members raised “Adani, Adani” slogans and some of them even walked out of the house during the PM’s speech.

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India’s G20 Hurting Some People: PM Modi’s Veiled Jibe at Congress

While replying to the debate on the Motion of Thanks on the President’s Address in the Lok Sabha, the Prime Minister said it is a matter of joy that today India has received the opportunity of G20 Presidency but this is hurting some people, in an apparent reference to Congress. “It is a matter of pride for the country, for the 140 crore Indians. But I think this too is hurting some people,” he said.

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Inflation in Double Digits, Scams, Terror Attacks…: PM Modi on UPA Regime

PM Modi said that inflation remained in double digits, and scams like 2G, Commonwealth Games and a number of terror attacks took place across the country in ten years of the UPA regime. The Prime Minister referred to the ten years of the UPA government as a “decade of scams, the lost decade”.

“During 10 years of UPA government, inflation was in double digits and hence when something good happens, their sadness increases. In the history of the country’s independence, 2004-2014 was full of scams. Terror attacks took place across the country in those 10 years,” he said.

They showed just a law in name of removing unemployment, 2004-2014 was a decade of scams and violence, he said.

ED brought Oppn Together: PM Modi

The Prime Minister said the Enforcement Directorate has brought all Opposition parties together on one platform, it has done what the electorate could not do. The Opposition has alleged an excess of federal agencies to target the opposition parties.

World Looking at India with Hope: PM Modi

PM Modi said the world was looking at India with hope amid instability in some parts of the globe due to the once-in-a-century pandemic and conflicts. He said India was emerging as a manufacturing hub and the world now sees its prosperity in the country’s growth. “But some people who are neck deep in frustration refuse to accept India’s growth story. They cannot see the achievements of 140 crore Indians,” he added.

PM Modi Says There is Peace in J&K Now

Without taking Rahul Gandhi’s name, PM Modi said some people visited Jammu and Kashmir and have seen they can go there without any problem. He said that there is peace in the Union Territory. The Prime Minister also shared a story when he went to unfurl the national flag at Srinagar’s Lal Chowk and terrorists threatened him.

PM Modi said theatres are running houseful in Jammu and Kashmir.

Oppn Abuse Agencies, SC, RBI, Army, EC: PM Modi

PM Modi said the opposition abuses federal investigation agencies, the Supreme Court, the Reserve Bank of India and the Election Commission of India. “Whenever they lose elections, they abuse EC, when they lose in court, they abuse court…,” he said.

Trust in Modi Was Not Born Out of Newspaper Headlines, Says PM

PM Modi said that the people’s trust in Modi was not born out of newspaper headlines, not through faces on TV. (I have) given my life, every moment of mine for the people of the country, for the glorious future of the country, he said.

Those Who Are Drunk in Arrogance…, Says PM Modi

PM Modi said those who are drunk in arrogance and think that only they have the knowledge, feel that only by abusing Modi will a way come out, that only through false, nonsensical mudslinging on Modi will a path be paved. It has been 22 years, they still have a misapprehension, he added.

Who Wouldn’t be Proud of India Being 5th largest economy, asks PM

PM Modi said the pandemic, divided world and destruction due to war has caused instability in several countries. “There is acute inflation, unemployment, food crisis in several countries. Which Indian would not be proud that even in such times, the nation is the world’s 5th largest economy?” he asked.

PM Modi Cites Harvard’s ‘Rise and fall of India’s Congress Party’ Study

PM Modi cited a study at Harvard University on ‘Rise and fall of India’s Congress Party’ and said many more universities will study the collapse of the party and those responsible for it.

“Some people here have a craze for Harvard studies. During Covid, it was said that there will be a case study on the devastation in India. Over the years an important study has been done at Harvard and the subject of the study is the ‘Rise and fall of India’s Congress Party’,” he said.

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