Giriraj Singh: Rural development minister Giriraj Singh backs ‘Cow Hug Day’ | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Union Rural Development Minister Giriraj Singh on Thursday backed the advisory issued by the Animal Welfare Board of India to celebrate ‘Cow Hug Day’ on February 14 and said everyone should love cows.
“It is a good initiative,” Singh replied when asked about the advisory.
“We should love cows. I am happy that this mission has been started… You should also love cows,” he added.
The Animal Welfare Board of India has issued a notice appealing to people to celebrate “Cow Hug Day” on February 14 to spread “positive energy” and encourage “collective happiness”.
The notice said hugging cows will bring “emotional richness” and increase “individual and collective happiness”.
It also mentioned that Vedic traditions are almost on the “verge of extinction” due to the “progress of West culture” and that the “dazzle of western civilisation has made our physical culture and heritage almost forgotten”.

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