If states agree, can bring law on online gaming: Vaishnaw | India News – Times of India

NEW DELHI: Union electronics and IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw said in Lok Sabha on Wednesday that if states have consensus, the government would bring a central law to regulate online gaming and gambling.
Responding to a Parliament question, the minister said a central law is required to be enacted to regulate online gaming and gambling in the country as there is no meaning of “state boundary” in the digital world. He also called for a consensus among all political parties on the issue.
Stressing the need for a central law, he said as many as 19 states and UTs have enacted their own laws, replacing the previous ones, to deal with the issue while 17 states have modified the public gambling Acts to bring online gaming and gambling under their ambit. “Unfortunately, there is no meaning of the state’s boundary in the digital world… My point is that we are very responsible. Lawmakers should come with a consensus and we should then have a central Act, which basically has been drafted in consultation with everybody to effectively regulate online games and online gambling,” the minister further said.
Noting that the central government is “very seriously concerned” about the impact of online gaming and gambling on society, the minister said: “In such a situation, the government has taken the first right step by treating online gaming apps and websites as intermediaries and bringing them under the intermediaries Act.”
He said the regulation has to be “very strict” because society is impacted by addiction to online games, especially online gambling.
Appreciating the minister’s view that there should be a consensus with state governments on the issue, DMK member T Sumathy sought to draw Vaishnaw’s attention to the Tamil Nadu Prohibition of Online Gambling and Regulation of Online Games Bill 2022, which is still awaiting assent of governor RN Ravi since the assembly passed it last year.

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