Bsf: BSF shoots down Pakistani drone, 2nd this year on Punjab frontiers | India News – Times of India

AMRITSAR: Border Security Force (BSF) shot down a Pakistani drone – second this year on the Punjab frontiers – which fell back on the Pakistan territory itself.
Asif Jalal, inspector general, Punjab Frontier, BSF, said that the troops deployed along the international border with Pakistan spotted a flying object entering the Indian territory in border outpost Baba Pir, Amritsar sector, on the intervening night of February 7 and 8. “Our troops fired upon the rogue drone following which it returned to Pakistan,” said Jalal.
This is the second drone shot down by the BSF troops in the year on the Punjab frontiers. Earlier on February 3, the BSF troops had shot down a Pakistani drone in village Kakkar near Amritsar and recovered 5 kg heroin.
Jalal said that there were 15 sightings of Pakistani drones flying in the Indian skies by the BSF troops following which all the counter-drone measures were taken.
A senior BSF officer, who didn’t wish to be named, added that various anti-drone technologies were being tested all along the Indo-Pak international border in Punjab but the BSF was yet to zero in on one technology given the threat of drones from the Pakistan side who also kept on updating themselves.
“Use of spoofs and jammers was also being tested. A jammer jams the frequency that a drone uses to communicate with its ground station by sending its own electromagnetic signal at the same frequency. With the use of jammers, the drone will either land or return to its base location. On the other hand, a spoofer sends fake GPS signals and hijacks the communication system of the drone, and can be piloted,” he said.
Sources said that the anti-drone technology could be installed all along the Indo-Pak border in Punjab in 2023.
Recently, BSF’s national spokesperson Sayed Zafar Islam had expressed concern over border security and said that the Centre was seriously contemplating over enhancing the security of international borders to keep the troublemakers away.

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