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MANGALURU: Some dogs have a cat’s lives. For the love of his five-year-old daughter and for her love of a stray pooch, a deputy range forest officer in Karnataka tracked down and reunited a mother with her three tail-wagging puppies after she disappeared on February 3 and travelled nearly 60km stuck between a car’s bonnet and grill.
Sanvi, daughter of forest officer Santosh Rai of Balpa in Panja range near Sullia, was upset when she couldn’t find the stray dog she fed regularly. She saw her father watching a video of a car crash in which a dog got hit. She recognised her black dog and convinced her father to bring it back.
“The accident happened on February 3, and I saw the video on a news portal the same day. A car had hit the dog at Balpa, and though the driver stopped and searched for the animal, he couldn’t find it. The driver drove to Kabaka, about 50km away, and then travelled another 10km to Puttur, to get the car serviced. It was at the garage that the trapped dog came out, and the video went viral,” said Rai.
Rai dropped a message on the news portal’s website, asking viewers to reach out. A friend called him to say he had seen the dog near the textile shop in Puttur where he works. “With a few friends, I travelled 40km to Puttur on February 4. We didn’t find the dog at first. Later, we spotted it about 200m from the shop. She recognised me. I stood there trying to make her feel safe and come to me,” Rai said.
Once he became confident that the dog wouldn’t run away, Rai leashed her and brought her home. “My daughter was very happy,” he said.

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