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MUMBAI: As a Central Railway train crossed the short stretch between Sandhurst Road and Masjid stations on Tuesday, 29-year-old Dravita Singh, seated in the ladies compartment, did not cover her eyes for the first time in five years. Instead, she looked out of the window and filmed the tracks. This was the location where she had been struck by a ‘fatka robber’ perched on a railway pole with a stick on February 7, 2018. She had landed on the tracks and was run over by another train, subsequently losing part of her foot and three fingers.
From wondering if she would ever walk again and battling suicidal thoughts in her hospital room to running the Mumbai Marathon and working with a leading private bank, Singh has turned her life around.
Then a college-goer and employed part-time at a logistics company in south Mumbai, Singh had boarded a Kalyan-CSMT local to travel to work on February 7, 2018. She was answering a phone call on the footboard of the compartment when a blow made her fall out.
Soon after being wheeled into Bhatia Hospital, she clutched her doctor’s hand and said: “Do not cut off my leg. It will kill me.” Plastic surgeon Dr Shailesh Ranade, who attended to her, says her words kept ringing in his ears and strengthened his resolve to save her limbs.
While undergoing multiple surgeries on her leg, she was also fighting feelings of self-doubt.With encouragement from her doctor, she started to practice for the Mumbai Marathon and, in under a year since the mugging, ran the 6km ‘Dream Run’ within 47 minutes.
She appeared for her graduation exams with her leg in a bandage and spoke at an international medical conference in Thailand, by invitation, about the traumatic incident and her recovery.
After working for two years at a firm, Singh was selected for a position in a leading private bank in Andheri. She had to start travelling by local trains again. “Train journeys don’t trigger me anymore,” she says. She has also taken to dancing. She confidently says: “I’m not a victim … I’m a fighter. And I’m having the time of my life right now.”

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